The Seniors Center Blog: iconic photojournalist, Rich Clarkson, shares his guardianship abuse experience

Eighty-six-year-old business owner and legendary photographer, Rich Clarkson wants nothing more than to spend his senior years completing one last project: compiling a massive retrospective of his work throughout a decades-long and impressive career.  His mission is to make sure his award-winning images are entrusted to someone who will make sure his work lives on even when he doesn’t.

Instead he’s forced to live with a fraction of his possessions in a small apartment.  All because a conservator saw a vulnerable target and an excellent opportunity to wrest control of his assets and his life.

Thanks to that conservator, Clarkson has no access to the space and equipment he needs to finish his project and continue doing what he loves.

But he’s trying his best to fight back.  Check out his story–in his own words–at The Seniors Center Blog.