Congress’s Inaction Leading to a 25% CUT in Social Security Benefits

reduction social security benefits

While it’s long been known that the Social Security trust fund will eventually run low, the COVID-19 pandemic has changed how quickly that’s happening. In fact, the newest estimates put this date in 2034, a year earlier than previously projected. When this happens, beneficiaries could see a massive impact on their benefits—even a reduction in their Social Security benefits.

According to Yahoo! Finance, beneficiaries will only see between 75% and 78% of their benefits in the event of the trust fund running out. This would be devastating. Seniors around the country would lose the benefits they’ve worked hard for—benefits they deserve. One way for this to be avoided? If Congress takes action.

Currently, Congress’s refusal to act on this issue is hurting seniors. However, a long-term plan to address this funding issue could ensure that older Americans can keep their benefits.

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