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The Seniors Center Blog: legal guardianships steal more than just seniors’ dignity

What should be a last resort protective measure to provide assistance to seniors struggling to care for themselves is in reality an unfair and predatory system propped up by the courts and designed to line the pockets of so-called “guardians.”

The senior guardianship is often far from what it claims to be, stripping seniors of their independence, their dignity, their control of their assets and finances, and even their ability to make important medical decisions and see their families.

What’s worse?  A court can approve all of this without a senior even knowing it’s happening.

This newest post at The Seniors Center Blog gives a harrowing account of what happens once a court-appointed guardian takes over the life of a senior.

The Hill: Seniors should have access to Medicare HSAs

Health savings accounts (HSAs) are becoming increasingly common, with the total number of HSA accounts in the United States increasing 16% year-over-year as of June 2017. Many people–including The Seniors Center President Dan Perrin–champion HSAs for the great amount of flexibility and control they grant the owner: with an HSA account, you can accrue or… Continue Reading

Sixty and Me: stay safe as a solo senior traveler

Sixty and Me founder Margaret Manning is on a mission to empower, encourage, and motivate senior women to lead their healthiest, happiest, and most fulfilling lives. She has built an online community of 500,000 women aged 60 and up who share their thoughts and advice on a range of topics–particularly travel. Manning says her own… Continue Reading