Dan Perrin Answers Quora Questioner “How Much Has the Government ‘Borrowed’ From Social Security?”

The Questioner at Quoro wanted to know “How much money has the Federal Government borrowed from the Social Security Trust Fund?” I would have probably answered “Borrowed?  It’s outright theft in my eyes.” The Seniors Center President Dan Perrin was a little bit more diplomatic.  Dan explains how the Federal Government replaced almost $3 Trillion… Continue Reading

The Seniors Center Blog: here’s how seniors can protect their identities and their Social Security after the Equifax breach

We don’t want to make you panic, but it is extremely important that seniors–and especially Social Security beneficiaries and Medicare recipients–keep a watchful eye over all matters financial over the next several months, and perhaps well into the future. Older Americans have always been especially vulnerable to identity thieves, but even more so after the… Continue Reading

Congresswoman Marcy Canter Warned About The Raid Of The Social Security Trust Fund 15 Years Ago

“The truth is that House Republican leaders have turned their back on America’s senior citizens and are raiding billions every day from our Social Security trust fund. …The total raid has run now to over $235 billion. That averages out to about $837 for every single American who will qualify for Social Security. When I… Continue Reading

The Seniors Center Blog: White House official says government is considering dropping the Social Security number for personal identification

White House Cybersecurity Coordinator and advisor Rob Joyce is among a growing number of government officials calling for a smarter modern way to identify American citizens and consumers–preferrably one that doesn’t jeopardize our financial security every time we use it. Though the Social Security number was never originally intended to be a universal identifier for… Continue Reading

CBS News: “Americans fear Social Security will go broke, poll shows”

Another day, and another poll showing Americans are increasingly worried about the future of their Social Security benefits–and their retirement security in general. An August poll conducted by the Nationwide Retirement Institute (NRI) asked 1,012 Americans aged 50 years and older–both future and current beneficiaries–about their retirement plans and experiences related to Social Security. Among the… Continue Reading