The Seniors Center Blog: iconic photojournalist, Rich Clarkson, shares his guardianship abuse experience

Eighty-six-year-old business owner and legendary photographer, Rich Clarkson wants nothing more than to spend his senior years completing one last project: compiling a massive retrospective of his work throughout a decades-long and impressive career.  His mission is to make sure his award-winning images are entrusted to someone who will make sure his work lives on… Continue Reading

Annual Social Security Trustees report reveals for the first time since 1982 we will need surplus funds to pay scheduled benefits this year

Nothing is new about the most recent Social Security Trustees report released last Tuesday: Social Security has a long-term financing shortfall. Payroll contributions are projected to fall far short of what’s needed to support a growing beneficiary population. By 2034, Social Security will completely deplete its reserves and will no longer be able to pay… Continue Reading

Working Together to Save Our Social Security Trust Fund

Nearly 350,000 people have signed The Seniors Center Petition to stop the raid on the Social Security Trust Fund.  And that’s just the beginning of this amazing grassroots campaign that has brought together senior citizens from every Congressional district in America.  We’re speaking with one voice.  Senior Citizens are making it clear to Congress: It’s… Continue Reading

Where did all the Social Security trust fund money go?

In addition to leading The Seniors Center, Dan Perrin has become one of the most popular experts on Information-sharing website Quora, where he answers questions from the general public about Social Security, Healthcare, and other issues important to Senior Citizens.  He recently answered a reader’s question, “Where did all the Social Security trust fund money… Continue Reading