Happy National Social Security Month!

April is a month chockfull of holidays. This year, it’s an important time for those celebrating Easter and Passover, it’s the official home of everyone’s LEAST favorite “holiday,” Tax Day, and throughout this month we will be celebrating Arbor Day, Earth Day, Record Store Day (for all you music fans), and the sometimes funny, but… Continue Reading

Kentucky lawyer pulls off $550 million disability con–the largest Social Security fraud in U.S. history

Kentucky lawyer pulls off 0 million disability con–the largest Social Security fraud in U.S. history In 2010, small town Kentucky lawyer Eric Conn was the third-highest-earning disability lawyer in the United States, winning $3.9 million for his clients in their disability claims against the Social Security Administration. By all appearances, Conn was a virtuoso. He… Continue Reading

“At this point in time, the chickens have finally come home to roost.”

Over at Texas Enterprise, professor in the Department of Finance at the University of Texas, Austin Lew Spellman traces our government’s long history of using Social Security’s surpluses to foot the bill for general spending. And the ingenious accounting sleight-of-hand that keeps the spending covert, obscures the extent of our debt, and allows opponents of… Continue Reading

Colorado legislators prepare in one of the country’s fastest aging states

Demographics across the country are shifting quickly, and several rapidly aging states finding themselves entirely unprepared to adapt to the pressures of growing senior populations. Greater demand on Medicare and health services, less tax revenue from a shrinking workforce, and an uptick in the amount of state residents claiming certain tax exemptions are expected to… Continue Reading