Save Social Security Petition to President Trump

Mr. President, the citzens of America invested in the Social Security system because of the contract established between the government and the people.

Sadly, over $2.7 trillion dollars has been “borrowed” from the Trust Fund and replaced with worthless IOUs. This is a violation of the contract with the people and must come to an immediate stop.

By signing my name below, I am requesting that you issue the following Executive Orders to protect and save the Social Security system that millions of Americans depend on. Social Security is not a handout. Folks deposited money into the Trust Fund and have earned every penny of their benefits:

(1) Social Security taxes must be deposited in the Social Security Trust Fund account: Direct the U.S. Treasury to deposit all Social Security taxes into the Social Security Trust Fund account. Currently, Social Security taxes are spent immediately and an IOU is placed in the Trust Fund. Once this Executive Order is signed, real money will be in the Social Security Trust Fund.

(2) Social Security taxes can only be spent on Social Security. Once the Social Security taxes are directed to the Social Security Trust Fund, the funds in the Trust Fund can only be spent on Social Security benefits.