The Seniors Center Blog: when should I give someone my Social Security number?

There’s been a lot of talk about privacy, financial security, and Social Security numbers lately–and with good reason. Though it was by no means the first of such breaches, the massive data leak at Equifax over the summer shoved the worsening issue of identity theft and cyber crime into the spotlight.  Many Americans who previously… Continue Reading

Peter Schiff asks two Social Security officials how the program differs from a Ponzi scheme–and they admit it doesn’t

Peter Schiff is a businessman, economist, and the host of the Peter Schiff Show, a podcast focused on politics, economics, and finances. In this segment from his podcast, Schiff asks two Social Security officials (Charles Blohaus, public trustee for Social Security and Medicare, and Andrew Biggs, former Social Security Administration principal deputy commissioner) a very… Continue Reading

The Seniors Center Blog: senior scammers steal over $36 billion each year

If you ever thought the term “silent epidemic” was a little overkill: it’s not. That’s the term financial experts and seniors advocates use when they talk about the ever-increasing problem of senior financial exploitation.  “Silent” because it often goes unreported, unrecognized, and ignored, and “epidemic” because reports in recent years are showing thieves are making… Continue Reading

The Young Turks: “How can Social Security have a $2.5 trillion surplus, and yet everyone says it’s just a bunch of IOUs?”

Our political parties don’t agree on much, but on Social Security funding, Republicans and Democrats can sing in the same key: the Trust Fund has a solvency problem that needs to be fixed by 2034. By now it’s in the open the government spends every dime of payroll tax income leftover after immediate benefits are… Continue Reading

Baby Boomer women facing tough retirement realities ahead

No one can deny Boomer ladies changed everything. Born between 1945 and 1963, the women of the Boomer Generation redefined everything it meant to be female in the United States: they had careers, higher education, they were Supermoms, they were important social activists, political leaders, and cultural influencers. But despite being the first generation of… Continue Reading