About The Seniors Center

The Seniors Center is committed to finding solutions for the future of Social Security. We believe that Social Security is a contract between generations and that Social Security funds should be segregated from the general US budget.

The Seniors Center is a Washington, DC-based non-profit organization representing over 450,000 voters in 48 states and 412 congressional districts.

Through our grassroots community outreach, petition drives, and legislative campaigns, we’ve reached tens of millions of concerned Americans across the country to spread the word about the threat to our retirement security.

In 2016 alone, the Seniors Center facilitated 336,566 petitions to individual Congressmen demanding protection for the retirement benefits we’ve worked a lifetime to earn — and demanding Congress finally put a stop to the careless “borrowing” and spending of greedy politicians that has put our Trust Fund and our secure retirement in jeopardy.