The Seniors Center Has Everyone Talking

Thank You

Thank you for what you are doing--all of us are getting a benefit from your efforts.

Arthur Nordby III

We are Your Parents and Grandparents

Thank you! As a senior who depends on Social Security I am so grateful for the work you are doing to tell the truth about how our Social Security funds have been "borrowed" to the tune of trillions. It is time to pay it back and stop robbing our contributions and then declaring the fund "insolvent", what a deceitful and criminal theft. Yes, please do PM everyone to "do their part" in stopping this crime. We are your parents, your grandparents, we are being robbed and our sustenance taken away.

Consuelo Luz

Always With Seniors at Heart

The Seniors Center has your best interests at heart with the latest information regarding Social Security and links to fact-based information that Senior Citizens need.

Richard Spurgeon

Raring to Go!

I have been aware of this ruse used to take monies from Social Security. However [I] saw nothing being done about it. I pray this willed be followed through on. Thank you for what you are attempting to accomplish. [I'm] 72 years old and raring to go.

Sandra O'Brien

Let's Spread the Word

This needs to go viral, ASAP.

Liz Drennon

Finally Speaking Out

Glad someone is finally saying it!

Angie Lafferty

Someone to Fight for Our Benefits

We need someone to fight for our benefits. The price for food and other essential items have skyrocketed. Meanwhile our increases in Social Security payments have not been able to keep up with the rise of these prices.  In addition, every time we get an increase, it seems like the insurance companies raise their prices for Medicare. Who is the raise for: the insurance companies or us?

Frank Biele