News on 6: The Seniors Center asks Trump to Protect Social Security

The Senior Center is conducting a national petition drive asking President Trump to make two executive orders to save Social Security. “Social Security tax money should pay for Social Security, and not be spent on other things. Current Social Security taxes do not cover the cost of benefits, and it’s crucial that the Treasury repay,”… Continue Reading

20 Ideas to “Fix” Social Social Security

The Motley Fool is the first to admit that some if the ideas in this article are “absolutely insane.”  But Congress can’t ignore the mess they’ve created any longer… If the trust funds run dry, the Trustees predict that an across-the-board benefits cut of up to 21% may be needed to sustain payouts through 2090.… Continue Reading

Did You Get A Robocall About A Cruise?

The Seniors Center Blog is talking about a $7 to $12 million dollar settlement from three big cruise lines who may have violated Federal Law with illegal robocalls.  If you received a call from Carnival, Norwegian or Royal Caribbean cruise lines, you may qualify for between $300 and $900. The attorneys have set up a… Continue Reading

The Seniors Center’s new press release invites all Americans to sign our Save Social Security Petition

The Seniors Center’s official press release announces our nationwide campaign to petition President Donald J. Trump to sign two Executive Orders protecting the hard-earned retirement benefits of American seniors. Click here to read the The Seniors Center’s full release.  And we encourage everyone concerned for the future of Social Security and their retirement benefits to… Continue Reading