The Seniors Center Blog: how seniors can protect themselves from phishing scams

Phishing scams have rapidly become one of the most popular and readily encountered financial scams in the world.  These scams attempt to deceive victims–usually via phony websites and emails–by masquerading as legitimate businesses or agencies into entering login information, personal information, and credit card and bank numbers.

As many as 46,000 new phishing sites are created every single day.  We have all encountered some kind of phishing operation on the internet at this point.  Phishers contact us by phone, by email, with advertisements, and on just about every social media platform.  And the tactics they’re using are so sophisticated, odds are good you’ve navigated past dozens of phishes without ever even realizing it.

Or maybe you’ve even fallen for one.

As with all scams, seniors are particularly at risk for targeting by phishers–and given the incredibly common nature of these scams, it is imperative seniors memorize the warning signs and safety precautions to prevent themselves from becoming a victim.

The Seniors Center Blog has the run-down on phishing scams and what seniors need to keep an eye out for right here.

Gone phishin’: scammers’ favorite crime and what you need to know to protect yourself


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