The Senior Nomads have traveled the world — and they’ve done it on Social Security benefits!

Debbie and Michael Campbell, a couple from Seattle, Washington, decided shortly before retiring that they weren’t quite ready to settle down just yet.  As they put it, they simply felt like “we had one more adventure left in us.”

So, they sold most of their possessions and their car, rented their home, and set off with only their retirement savings, Social Security benefits, and the proceeds from selling their belongings.

That was four years ago.

Since then, they’ve traveled to 160 cities in 56 countries — and they’re not done yet!  In fact, they recently even sold their home, proving your retired years can be some of the most exciting of your life.

So much for ONE more adventure.

To learn more about the Campbells, their amazing journey — and see all of their amazing pictures from around the world — have a look at their blog over at