Sixty and Me: 6 unusual ideas for cheap travel accommodations

One of the greatest things about retirement is finally having time to travel, but doing so on a fixed income can be quite a challenge.

Food, transportation, tickets to activities, and pocket change for souvenirs can get pretty expensive on a limited budget.

And then there’s lodging.

Hotel stays are pricey. Accommodations are often the single biggest expense on any trip. In London, the #1 foreign destination for American travelers, a night at a hotel will run you about $230 per night on average.

And things aren’t too much cheaper here at home. Popular domestic destinations like New York City, San Francisco, and Washington, D.C. average between $220 and $260 per night.

Luckily, a senior traveler looking to save some money has options beyond booking a traditional hotel room. If you aren’t concerned with luxury accommodations and don’t mind staying somewhere a little unorthodox, you could save a small fortune on your next big trip.

You might even have quite a story to tell when you come home. Like what it was like living with monks in a monastery (we had no idea so many monasteries rented lodging to travelers!).

Monasteries and convents aren’t the only inexpensive hotel alternatives out there.  This video from Sixty and Me, a community of adventurous 60+ women, goes over just a few of these alternatives and why they might be a great choice for your next vacation.