Let’s Talk About Green Bean Casserole

I know Thanksgiving was yesterday.  But it’s still Thanksgiving week.  And I thought it was appropriate to talk a little bit about one of America’s favorite Thanksgiving side dishes.

It’s funny, my family is from Camden (New Jersey), where Green Bean Casserole was invented by Dorcas Reilly for Campbell’s Soup.  But I’d never even heard of it growing up.  In my adult life, I’ve learned that just about every family has a special twist on Green Bean Casserole that makes theirs “the best.”

And the data scientists over at 538 tell us that for a lot of midwesterners, Green Bean Casserole is the favorite Thanksgiving side dish.  Really, Wisconsin?  Green Bean Casserole is better than stuffing, or pumpkin pie, or mashed potatoes?

Any way, the article about Dorcas Reilly is pretty cool.  Make sure to read it.  And enjoy your weekend!