Which State Do Your Manners Belong In?

In the political climate right now, I’m sometimes shocked by how rude members some people online can be. I think we all feel under attack. I know The Seniors Center is attacked by Republicans for being too liberal. And we’re attacked by Democrats for being too conservative. The funny thing is that we’re not Democrats or Republicans.  We’re not conservatives, or liberals, or libertarians, or greens.

We’re just pro-senior. And to tell the truth, there aren’t many politicians in either party who keep their promises to Senior Citizens.

I just saw this quiz about manners. Manners are important to me.  My parents, and the nuns who were my teachers drilled them into me.  I grew up in Virginia, went to Catholic school, and have lived most of my life in Maryland.  I think I’m generally courteous but I can be rude to people who are rude to me first.  This quiz identifies my manners as being in line with people from Louisiana.  What about you?  What are your manners like?