Hands off!: seniors say NO to the raid on Social Security

The Seniors Center supporters and visitors are sounding off on Congress’ raid on our Social Security Trust Fund. Here’s what seniors, retirees, and concerned Americans nationwide are saying about their benefits and the future of Social Security.

Social Security should have never been touched. We the people who have worked hard to have that when we retire are now trying to figure out how to make ends meet. Why?  Because our Social Security has been misused.

Kathy Bell

My husband died at 62 and I never got a dime of Social Security.  Think about how much that would help the surviving spouse.  Just wonder where his money is going.  He paid in.  No one else should be entitled to that.

Gail Muhlbauer

They should have never touched Social Security money.  It belongs to the people who paid into it for our retirement–not for Congress to steal from us.

Claudette Collier Schultz

This wasn’t borrowed! Borrowed implies the intent to repay with a schedule of repayment.  It was stolen!  There should be interest compounded monthly and hefty fines added to reimbursement!

Jo Howell

Can you imagine the money they have from the people that worked hard and never got to the age to get their Social Security because they died?  Think about it!

Joan A. Morgan

Just think what we would be getting if they hadn’t taken it from us.  Enough to live on and enjoy life instead of worrying about paying bills and eating.

June Fleming Pack

Yes, re-establish the Trust Fund and put all future and existing Social Security funds in it. Also repay all funds stolen from it by Congress!  If these three things are done, Social Security will have funding for more than 100+ years!  Plus, all on Social Security could get a 20% or more increase.

Gregory A. Jenness

We need you to repay the money you took from our account for us who worked all our lives thinking this would be here for us when we needed it.

Linda Freeman

When we borrow money for student loans from the government, they demand repayment.  And they never forget. Now it’s our time to demand our money back!

Donny Liddell

Should have never been able to take money from it to start with!  Also, the term “borrow” means you are going to pay it back!  Put the taxpayers’ money back now!

Kenneth Marsh

Maybe if our government cut back on their enjoyments there would be no need to borrow from Social Security.  Give it back to the people who have worked long and hard for that money.  As it is, most of us struggle to get by.

Sandy Kuhn

This money is not government’s money to just use as they wish.  It’s hard-working people’s retirement money!

Betsy Taylor

How can they live with themselves knowing they have stolen so much from the hard-working people that have paid in to Social Security all their lives and are barely able to get by?

Roger Sturdevant Sr.

We need a law prohibiting any borrowing from Social Security.

Angela Serrecchia

No one knows the fury of old people’s scorn who have already lived their lives, and paid their debt, just wanting to leave this world in peace.  They don’t want to anger millions of us who can still take them out with us, as we leave this world.  Make it easy on yourselves.

Jack E. Reid

It’s not their money to borrow.  Think about all the hard-working people who died before they got their money.  I don’t remember the hard-working people giving them permission to borrow any of my money.  They are crooks!

Kristi Upshaw

And another thought came to me after a friend passed away before collecting her Social Security benefits–and she was close to collecting.  What happens to her money?  No spouse to claim it.  I’m sure there are many people who have passed away before collecting.  Money paid in, but not collected.

Cheryl Parapon

The Social Security funds should never be touched.  People have worked hard and paid into it all their lives.   A lot of recipients including me have struggled to make ends meet because our checks are not enough to buy a lot of needed things, like medicines and insurance premiums.  What has been borrowed must be put back into Social Security funds.

Pat Sodders

It’s bad enough that they tax us all our lives then take our Social Security, too.

Dinah Payne Hawkins

We the people need to get us a group of lawyers and sue every one of them.  They did not ask us, so that means they stole our money.  Stealing is a crime, so that means they go to prison.

Nan Helton

We paid as long as I worked. Didn’t have a choice.  Why do they have a right to take my money and the money of hard-working Americans to spend indiscriminately on whatever they choose?  Are we Americans paying for this vacation they are on?  They’ve done nothing to deserve this!  Nothing!

Shirle Powers-Grossi

The money paid in today is gone by tomorrow.  That’s why they are proposing a new plan.  That’s fine, just send me what I was promised. Change your deal based on this year, not 40 years ago.  If you had what I paid in I would not need their money.

Scott Daning

And they keep saying Social Security is going broke.  Crooked politicians are draining the Social Security coffers for their own benefits.  Yeah, it’s time they paid back those monies.  And give us retirees a raise–a huge raise.

David Ares Feria

I think as a nation with many retires that we should all put pressure on Congress (both sides) to pass legislation to repay Social Security the full amount that was stolen from us that paid into the system.  Those who aren’t retired will want, and if it isn’t repaid there won’t be anything left for you.  Now is the time to do it!

Denny Morell

Hell yes, with interest!  Every penny they helped themselves to must be accounted for, and who helped themselves to our funded by us Fund.  This is stealing, and we didn’t elect these people to steal from us!  They just can’t keep their rotten hands off of our Social Security we paid into all our working lives.  A private agency has to protect our Social Security and put the funds in a vault where these Congressmen and women can’t help themselves to it!  This is usually prison time for those taking without authorization!

Karen Warner

It’s past time!  I could be doing very well on Social Security if I was receiving what I should be.  And why aren’t they paying this back? If I borrow money, I have to pay it back.  Why not them?

Judy Moss

I started paying when I was 18 and paid again this year and I’m 84. I hate to think how much I have paid in, but after this year I won’t be giving them another red cent.

Mary Ann Ledbetter

Overdue. If all that was “borrowed” was in the Fund we the retired would be in good shape.  Instead they tell us we are going to run out.  Why hasn’t it been repaid?  When we borrow money we have to repay it, so why doesn’t the government?  That is stealing, not borrowing!

Bonnie Fruge

That is why our Social Security hasn’t been at least doubled over time.  There would be plenty if the sticky-fingered politicians kept their hands off it and quit using it for their folly.

Robert Massimino

This is the working people’s money!  Our money.  They need to lower the age to 50, not 65, and give us our money in a lump sum–period!  It is not theirs!

Leah Cross

The government took money out of my paycheck every week for the last 45 years.   Now it’s time for me to get my money back.  Government, don’t penalize me for your out-of-control spending.

Bill Bailey

Borrowed would indicate they are planning to pay it back.   I’ll believe that when I see it.  Don’t forget if you “borrow” money from an institution there is generally interest involved, so don’t forget to pay that as well!

Joe Lohse

They did not borrow, they stole.  It has not been paid back.  It should have been untouchable, as it is our money, not theirs to touch.  Pay it back now.  Remember: never vote for anyone who has been in there for years.  Get rid of them.

Evelyn Sale

Pay it back.  It is our money–we paid into it.  I’ve paid in since I was 17.  I am in my 70s now.  No money to take a vacation–just to pay for utilities and a little food.  Give us a raise from your pay.

Euall Morgan Sr.

We won’t let y’all forget: it’s time it be paid back.  That was our money!

Ronnie Westfall

My question is “for what and where did they spend it?”  We the people have a right to know.  It’s our money.  The funds must go back to Social Security.  Maybe if Congress didn’t get free benefits (like pension and medical) they might understand the struggle that seniors suffer through.

Nancy Anderson Sico

Congress doesn’t care because they have made sure they are taken care of.  They need to be on the same plan that all Americans live with.

Ruth Fladhammer

This is why we never get a raise and can’t afford our medication.

Cathy Lawson

The sad part about it is the politicians don’t have to worry about Social Security, so they never make any of our problems a priority.   It’s a damn shame.  It will never change because they’re the ones that can change it, and by the time anyone gets to office like that, they could care less.

David Wilcoxson

Social Security is supposed to be independent.  Why are they removing money that we paid in to take care of us when we get a certain age or have disabilities?  It’s not for just anybody.

Billie Horn

Not borrowed–they stole it.  And, yes, they should lose pensions to pay it back.  Theft is punishable.

Dorie Bingemann

If it had been left alone there would be enough so that future workers wouldn’t have to pay as much!

Norman Delisle

Why don’t we the people demand that?  Congress demands us to pay our taxes.

Marsha Shaw

No wonder Social Security is going bankrupt.   Our so-called representatives have been stealing our retirement money.  If we working people did something like this they would prosecute us in a second.

Curtis Butler

That’s exactly why you can’t retire and survive without having at minimum at least a part time job.

Rick Hempstead

I don’t need it all at once.  Just please send enough to me each month to make my golden years just a little easier, please.

Sue Quinn

I paid in.  I expect to collect.  If I could have invested what I put in, I would not need Social Security.

Henry Marxen

Why is everything a priority but this?

Danny Pittman

Had a relative who always wanted to borrow money.  This person had no intention of paying it back.  So, I considered him a taker, not a borrower.

Al Derose

They have not borrowed anything.  The Trust purchases U.S. bonds from the government.   We have the equivalent of savings bonds for the money.

Sharee Zimmerle-Garrison

There is no requirement to guarantee payment of Social Security funds.  Has been proven in court many times.

Craig Philip Suggs

They “borrowed” the money–you mean “took”, or really it was stolen.  Because they have no intentions of repaying it.  They should have to repay it with interest and penalties if not done by a certain deadline.  The government does that to its citizens when they say they are due money.  Why shouldn’t it apply to them as well?

Gary Prather

On behalf of all the seniors collecting Social Security, we want our money returned.  It may help us or at least help future recipients.

Pat Scheck

Way back when, they had a debate on the floor as to how this fund would be set up.  They set it up this way just so they could funnel off the funds.  Some of them wanted it to be a dedicated fund, but they got voted down.  They knew that this way they didn’t have to explain why they had to raise taxes.  Just like now justifying why they want to raise your taxes was not popular.  We need some way to force them to repay it, if Congress has to take it out of their own retirement funds. They had no qualms about stealing ours.

Phil Gilbert

Outrageous.  Please.  There must be someone who knows it needs to be returned to us.  And there better not be any politicians who say Social Security is running out of money.  Oh damn.  That crooked Congress.  No shame.  Steal.  Take Social Security money with no hesitation.  Thieves.  No better than professional criminals.

Irene Dryburgh

This should be made more public.  I keep hearing Social Security is going broke–is this why?  Young and old should be upset about this as it is our money.  It is the future money for the young and they should demand an answer.

Louise Cierpial

Common decency should tell them to pay it back.  Anyone who gets Social Security would never borrow without paying it back.

Joyce Johnson

They have no right to touch our Social Security!  It is our money, not the government’s!  I am so mad they have no respect for the retired who worked all their lives to get this!  And they use it for I don’t know what!

Anne Robillard Lamarche

We need to challenge the government on this.  What is right is right and what’s wrong is wrong.  Social Security is not an entitlement.  It might help to know who had anything to do with these decisions and what their motives were.

Cesar Sanchez

A bit more would certainly help keep my head above water.  I know I paid in for over 65 years and what I receive I appreciate, but I should be earning more compared to what I paid in.  We truly need a raise.  Everything I need to survive has risen far above percentage-wise compared to what I receive now each month.  Thank you in advance.

Charlie Holloway

How did they get away with this funneling of funds elsewhere?  Does that mean they can just use it where they want?  When was the last time an increase kept up or gave us a little breathing room?

Opal Kopaska-Hill

The truth is Social Security borrowed funds will never be repaid!  That’s a huge part of the Social Security funds we contributed!  None of the money is from the government!  It’s ours!

Donald Nichols

Congress believes the Social Security every citizen pays into–and by pay, I mean deducted from your pay–is an entitlement.  If anything, it’s the other way around.  Congress believes they are the ones entitled to your money.  Why?  Because they work for us.

Juan Esparza

Stop using Social Security money for other debts.  We are forced to pay into this fund all of our working lives.  Stop spending it as a general fund for other things!

Pat Roberts

It was stolen!  And done by some scum in D.C. that have a golden parachute retirement after one term in Congress or Senate.  This, and come in to D.C. for a six-figure job and leave years later with 10, 20 million plus in the bank.  Figure that.

George Sutton

Stop it.  There is no Social Security fund.  They burned through that years ago and now everything goes into the general fund.  The U.S. Treasury writes a check every month to keep it operating.

Bob Worthington

What happened to it being protected from our government?  That money was never supposed to be available to anyone except our seniors at time of retirement or the disabled who could not afford to take care of themselves.

Marvin Smith

It’s just shows you how much they really care about their taxpayers and the working class.  They can spend your money funding sexual harassment, travel around the world for personal gain, and their own special retirement fund and medical.  Really sad!

Keith Zimmermann

We will never ever see a penny of our Social Security funds of repayment again.  We haven’t had a cost-of-living hike since 2006.  Our politicians give themselves a raise but nothing for our retired workers.  It’s time to make some political changes in our bad corrupt political system now.  It been so very long.   We the voters have suffered enough on political BS talk and lies.

John Kauanoe

Yes, and if that money was where it belonged, it would be making money with the interest.  And if they quit giving to people that never worked–unless they took care of a family while a partner worked or some other way it was paid in for you–Social Security would be there for our children’s children.

Bob Myers

This is one of the reasons we need to vote each and every one of those in government out.  Vote in new people, get the monies paid back in full, and fire any who takes “donations” from any corporations and keep them in line.

Ralph Powers

How could they do that?  Seniors are scratching to pay for bills, medicine, and food.  Veterans are living on the street.  Get it back!  Share the wealth.  My God, I almost had a stroke when I saw that. Very sad!

Patricia Grzegorek

Yes!  Now please!  Just imagine all the money paid into Social Security by people who never lived to collect it!  Trillions!  And our government is keeping it and using it as they please!  Time to stop it!

Karen Morris Aberegg