Why You Shouldn’t Keep Your Social Security Card in Your Wallet

Social Security card in wallet

Stolen wallets and purses can make life difficult for a number of reasons. Lost debit cards and credit cards, sentimental items like pictures, and things like your insurance card can be a headache to replace. However, while certain items need to be in your wallet everyday, there are a few things to never carry around with you—namely, your Social Security card.

Why shouldn’t your Social Security card be in your wallet? While keeping it there can seem convenient, it also can make you susceptible to fraud. According to Yahoo! Finance, more than 40% of the cases of fraud that occur are a result of stolen physical items. If a thief gets ahold of your Social Security card, they have the information they need to begin stealing your identity. The damage to your credit or even your savings can be difficult to correct.

So keep your information safe. Keep your Social Security card at home. At The Seniors Center, we want older Americans to stay protected from fraud—and we also want to see Social Security protected for future generations. Learn more about our mission today. And follow us on Twitter and Facebook for all of our updates.

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