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The 2017 Social Security Trustees Report: what you need to know

Last Thursday, the OASDI Trustees released their much-awaited annual report assessing the current state and future financial outlook of the combined Social Security trust funds. Here are the critical takeaways from the report concerning your Social Security benefits: Social Security will remain solvent until 2034. The solvency clock is ticking and the first question on… Continue Reading

Sixty and Me: 6 unusual ideas for cheap travel accommodations

One of the greatest things about retirement is finally having time to travel, but doing so on a fixed income can be quite a challenge. Food, transportation, tickets to activities, and pocket change for souvenirs can get pretty expensive on a limited budget. And then there’s lodging. Hotel stays are pricey. Accommodations are often the… Continue Reading

Retirement Income Crisis and Social Security: a Grantmakers in Aging webinar

Opposers of Social Security protection or expansion–or its existence at all–love rehashing the fact Social Security was never designed to be the sole source of a person’s income during retirement.  Those stretching their benefits with no alternative income sources are stuck in their financially perilous situation because they didn’t save or prepare or realize Social… Continue Reading

Social Security’s critical role in the U.S. economy

It’s no secret how impactful Social Security is for the financial security of retirees. But what many may not realize is how much our economy as a whole depends on the purchasing power of Social Security beneficiaries. A 2013 study published by AARP looked at three critical ways Social Security benefits the entire U.S. economy:… Continue Reading

The Benefit Cut Playbook: Cutting administrative costs

For every service, every business, every organization, and every program, there’s an administrative budget. While most of an organization’s income is directed toward the product or service it provides to its clients, a portion of that income has to be used for daily operational expenses. These expenses include things like salaries, facility rent or maintenance,… Continue Reading