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The Seniors Center Blog: don’t fall for the utility bill scam

You’re super organized.  You write everything down, keep excellent records, and above all, you stay on top of all of your monthly expenses.  You’ve always paid your bills on time. But one day, you receive a call from your electric company.  The representative on the other end not only says your account is delinquent, but… Continue Reading

The 2017 Social Security Trustees Report: what you need to know

Last Thursday, the OASDI Trustees released their much-awaited annual report assessing the current state and future financial outlook of the combined Social Security trust funds. Here are the critical takeaways from the report concerning your Social Security benefits: Social Security will remain solvent until 2034. The solvency clock is ticking and the first question on… Continue Reading

Sixty and Me: 6 unusual ideas for cheap travel accommodations

One of the greatest things about retirement is finally having time to travel, but doing so on a fixed income can be quite a challenge. Food, transportation, tickets to activities, and pocket change for souvenirs can get pretty expensive on a limited budget. And then there’s lodging. Hotel stays are pricey. Accommodations are often the… Continue Reading