Take Action!

After years of unchecked government spending–and withdrawal after withdrawal from our Trust Fund to foot the growing bill–Social Security has reached a financial crossroad.  The program so many hard-working Americans wholeheartedly support and depend on needs our help if it’s to remain strong for us and for generations to come.

Enough is enough.  It’s time for our elected officials to pay back what they’ve spent and leave our retirement benefits alone.

The Seniors Center has launched a nationwide campaign to force our leaders to take notice of an issue they’ve ignored far too long: our Trust Fund is in trouble, and we owe it to America’s seniors to end the reckless spending of Social Security before it’s too late.

Please join our massive effort to demand our government protect and secure Social Security for all Americans by adding your name to one (or all) of the petitions below. Our fight to protect the Trust Fund is depending on you!

Save Social Security Petition to the President

Trust Fund Emergency Petition to Congress

Protect the Social Security Trust Fund

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