The Sentinel Source: They’ve been using our Trust Fund to pay for things that have nothing to do with Social Security

Senior citizens at a town hall meeting
Photo from the web of Senior Citizens at a town hall meeting

“It would be nice if we could drag the past five presidents and all members of Congress since 1983 into court and squeeze the $2.6 trillion out of them. But we can’t. We elected them, and they did all the borrowing for us. Given the lack of attention we self-governing Americans paid over all those years, we would be wise not to get too huffy about the situation. According to a recent poll conducted for Investor’s Business Daily, only 40 percent of us realize that the Social Security trust fund is composed of IOUs.”

“Who ‘borrowed” the Social Security taxes we paid”? the clip from The Sentinel Source asks. A supporter of The Seniors Center from Beloit Wisconsin just sent me this link from April 8, 2011. It’s outrageous that we’re still having this argument. It’s time for Congress to pay back our Social Security Trust Fund.