“You have a big pot of money sitting there–and a big pot of money is not something that politicians have the power to resist.”

Bill Whittle is a conservative blogger, author, and pundit known for his YouTube series and guest appearances on several national television and radio programs.

Each week, Whittle hosts The Stratosphere Lounge, a podcast where he answers visitor questions from Facebook on a variety of political topics.

On this episode, Whittle tackles a visitor comment dealing with “the big bankrupt lie” and whether or not there is a Social Security “Trust Fund.”

And as Whittle explains, much has changed since the very first beneficiaries received their Social Security benefits.

Social Security at its beginning was a very good deal for retirees vastly outnumbered by workers and claiming benefits for a much shorter time (though as Whittle says, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with Americans living longer).

These days, however, benefits are stretched thin between millions of retirees, and there are only about three workers per retiree.

And through it all, the government has spent trillions of surplus Social Security funds–money collected during those times workers contributed far more than retirees needed, an intentional preparation for a growing retired population.