Has Any President “Borrowed” Money from the Social Security Trust Fund

Former Presidents of the U.S.
$2.85 Trillion was raided from the Social Security Trust Fund.

It’s funny, people blame Presidents Reagan and Obama the most.  A lot of people like to blame LBJ, and quite a few blame the second President Bush.  The truth is that they’re all to blame.  As long as the Social Security Trust Fund has existed, Congress hasn’t been able to keep its hands off of it.  And none of our presidents has had the political courage to stop them.

On Quora, people keep asking about the raid of our Social Security Trust Fund.  And they’re always surprised.  This questioner wants to know if any president have borrowed from the Social Security Trust Fund.

Ultimately, it’s not our Presidents who have spent the money that is supposed to pay for Social Security.  It’s Congress.  But it is our Presidents who should have stopped them.  The Presidents we liked.  And the Presidents we didn’t like.