16 Years Later: Congress Has Taken Nearly $2.9 Trillion From Social Security


16 years ago, Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur went onto the floor of the United States House of Representatives and begged her colleagues to stop the raid on the Social Security Trust Fund.

“The truth is that House leaders have turned their back on America’s senior citizens and are raiding billions every day from our Social Security trust fund. …The total raid has run now to over $235 billion. That averages out to about $837 for every single American who will qualify for Social Security. When I first came to this floor 4 weeks ago, they dipped into the Social Security trust fund to a raid of $208 billion, and in just 4 weeks, that has gone up an additional $27 billion.”

They didn’t listen.  And things have only gotten worse.  Congress has spent almost $2.9 Trillion from the Social Security Trust Fund.  Please Click Here to get your Congressman’s contact information.  Call him or her and tell them to stop the raid on our Social Security Trust Fund.