Locate Your Legislators

The absolute best way to make your voice heard about seniors’ Social Security benefits is to reach out to your Congressmen and women directly.

Use the tool below to locate the lawmakers representing you and your community.  Here you can find contact information for each of your legislators, including their email addresses, office phone numbers, official websites, and social media.

If you have already signed our petition to Congress, you can continue to help us build a grassroots movement by reaching out to all of your elected officials to demand they prioritize our Social Security benefits and put a stop to the spending.

Our lawmakers won’t know what we want until we tell them ourselves–and in BIG numbers.  Please help us keep this momentum up and tell our lawmakers we expect them to stick up for the retirement benefits we’ve earned.

And when you do, don’t forget to let us know on Facebook or on our Contact Us page.  We want to be able to give you a big THANK YOU!