Avoid voter registration identity theft schemes ahead of November’s elections

An effective scammer knows the importance of giving his con as much of a veil of authenticity as possible.  Often the best way to do this is to tailor the scam to align with current events, promotions, or legitimate business activity going on in an area so nothing about the scam seems out-of-the-ordinary.  Depending on what that event may be–like Christmas–the scammer might also be able to take advantage of victims who have an increased willingness to hand over their money and personal information.

By now, we’re all aware of the dangers lurking in the hustle and bustle of December super shopping, but what you might not have considered is the wealth of opportunities afforded to thieves by high profile elections.

In the flurry of campaigning, voter registration drives, and sign-ups for various political organizations and their material, scammers, posing as electioneerers, nonprofit workers, and government representatives, can easily collect the requisite information to steal someone’s identity.