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The Seniors Center Blog: legal guardianships steal more than just seniors’ dignity

What should be a last resort protective measure to provide assistance to seniors struggling to care for themselves is in reality an unfair and predatory system propped up by the courts and designed to line the pockets of so-called “guardians.”

The senior guardianship is often far from what it claims to be, stripping seniors of their independence, their dignity, their control of their assets and finances, and even their ability to make important medical decisions and see their families.

What’s worse?  A court can approve all of this without a senior even knowing it’s happening.

This newest post at The Seniors Center Blog gives a harrowing account of what happens once a court-appointed guardian takes over the life of a senior.

The Seniors Center introduces in this morning’s press release

This morning, The Seniors Center officially introduced as part of our ongoing efforts to inform American seniors and help them protect their financial health. Senior financial fraud is a problem that only seems to be getting worse with time.  In many ways, law enforcement, seniors advocacy groups, and financial institutions are only just beginning… Continue Reading

The Seniors Center Blog: victims of Western Union wire fraud may qualify for remission

Western Union is currently mailing claim forms to victims of wire transfer scammers to receive compensation from a $586 million settlement reached with the Federal Trade Commission and the Department of Justice in January. If you’ve been affected by a wire transfer scam using Western Union services during a certain time period–whether you’ve already filed… Continue Reading