How a 24% Cut to Social Security Benefits Would Affect Seniors

24% Social Security cut

By 2033, if Congress doesn’t take action soon, the Social Security trust fund will be insolvent. If that happens, Social Security beneficiaries will see as much as a 24% cut to their benefits. With only 76% of the program funded by annual tax revenue, there simply won’t be funds to cover the rest of these benefits.

And according to the National Council on Aging, a 24% cut to Social Security benefits would be devastating. They estimate that more than 15 million seniors in the U.S. are economically insecure. Such a drastic reduction in benefits would leave many seniors without the income they need.

How can you help? The Seniors Center is fighting to protect the future of Social Security. We’re calling on our nation’s lawmakers to keep the Social Security trust fund safe. Greedy politicians shouldn’t be able to raid the trust fund for their own projects. If you’re ready to make your voice heard, sign our petition today—and follow The Seniors Center on Twitter and Facebook for more.