Could You Have Forgotten Retirement Funds?


As much as $1.35 trillion is waiting in forgotten 401(k) accounts. Many individuals who leave their jobs, especially early in their careers, often forget about the retirement accounts they’ve contributed to. Those retiring today are likely to have had more jobs in their lifetime than their predecessors, which can equal more 401(k) accounts. These retirement funds could make a difference—here’s how to check if you’re leaving money behind.

Finding Forgotten Retirement Funds

AARP reports that “The average balance in forgotten accounts is $55,400.” There’s no question that this money could be hugely beneficial for many seniors. However, it can be challenging to find these accounts.

The first step to take is to call previous employers. If they’re still in business, update your contact information so they can send you any necessary documentation.

Next, if any previous workplaces have closed, you can try tracking down old accounts using the sites and

Once you’ve located forgotten retirement funds, you can roll them over into one account. It’s best to work with a financial advisor to avoid any complications or hidden fees.

The Seniors Center

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