Some Seniors are Leaving the Sunshine State—Here’s Where They’re Headed

leaving florida

For years, Florida has been one of the top retirement destinations. Sunshine, beaches, and a low cost of living make it a great place for seniors to enjoy their golden years. However, as the word about Florida’s wonderful benefits has spread, home prices have gone up—and now, some seniors are looking to leave and start a new life elsewhere.

Yahoo! Finance reports that the median price of homes in Florida has risen by 60 precent in just five years. For seniors who bought before prices started to soar, that could mean a great increase in the value of their homes—but for those who are looking to buy, it can be prohibitively expensive.

For seniors who are ready for a change of scenery and have the financial means to do so, there are plenty of other options in the U.S. Here are a few popular retirement destinations for seniors who want to leave Florida behind:

  • Arizona: With its hot and dry climate, Arizona is a popular destination for retirees. There are plenty of outdoor activities to enjoy, as well as cultural attractions like the Grand Canyon and the state’s many national parks. Plus, Arizona has no state income tax.
  • North Carolina: With its mix of mountains and coast, North Carolina offers a great balance between rural living and city life. It has a mild climate, with temperatures rarely reaching the extremes of other states. Plus, it has a low cost of living and plenty of amenities for seniors.
  • Alabama: Yahoo! notes that Baldwin County, Alabama is the fastest-growing county in the state, and for good reason. Beaches, warm weather, and a low cost of living make it an attractive option for seniors.

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