Received More Than You Were Expecting from Social Security? You May Have to Pay It Back

social security overpayments

In an unexpected turn of events, some Social Security recipients are finding themselves faced with demands to return overpayments, as reported by ABC News. These overpayments, often resulting from administrative errors, can amount to thousands of dollars that the recipients are then held accountable for. This is not an isolated incident but rather a trend that has drawn both scrutiny and outrage from Congress. If you’ve recently noticed a larger-than-expected Social Security deposit, be wary—you may be required to pay it back.

Social Security Overpayments

Why do Social Security overpayments happen? Social Security recipients are often required to report any changes in their life circumstances, such as employment status or health conditions. Failure to do so can result in an overpayment since the recipient may continue receiving benefits they are no longer eligible for. Additionally, administrative errors can occur when calculating benefits or processing claims, leading to overpayments.

If you have received more from Social Security than you were expecting, the first step is to review your monthly statements and determine the reason for the increase. If you believe it was an administrative error, contact Social Security immediately to report the issue and request a correction. If the overpayment was due to a change in your life circumstances, you will need to provide documentation and may be required to repay the excess amount.

The Seniors Center

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