Looking for Fun in Retirement? Try These Senior Clubs

senior clubs

U.S. News has recently put out a guide to the top senior clubs. These organizations offer fun, entertainment, and opportunities to get together with like-minded retirees. From nonprofits dedicated to helping seniors navigate technology to bird-watching groups with chapters in your area, these organizations offer a wide variety of benefits.

The Top Senior Clubs

The top senior clubs include:

  • The American Association of Retired Persons (AARP), which offers discounts on travel, restaurants, and more
  • The National Council on Aging (NCOA), which provides resources on healthy aging, benefits, and more
  • SilverSneakers, which provides free or discounted memberships to gyms and fitness centers
  • The American Birding Association, which offers bird-watching events and trips
  • National Senior Games, which hosts competitive events for seniors nationwide

These are just a few of the many clubs available to seniors. Joining one (or more!) of these organizations is a great way to stay active and engaged in retirement.

The Seniors Center: Making Retirement Better

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