Do You Have Confidence in Social Security?

confidence in social security

Millions of Americans receive Social Security benefits, and millions more will do so in the future. This program provides a much-needed financial safety net for many people during retirement. So it’s important to understand how Social Security works. Do you have confidence in the future of Social Security?

How Americans Feel About Social Security

According to MarketWatch, there’s a surprising trend showing up in data about the average American’s confidence in Social Security. A survey by Employee Benefit Research Institute and Greenwald Research shows that 52 percent of workers believe Social Security will be there for them when they retire like it is for retirees now.

Why is this surprising? In recent years, there have been alarming stories about the future of the program in the news. Even at The Seniors Center, we’ve warned retirees about the potential for benefits cuts. As the Social Security trust fund is depleted over time, keeping money out of the hands of politicians becomes more important.

But despite all this, it looks like Americans are still confident that Social Security will be there for them when they retire. MarketWatch indicates that the program is “the primary source of income for many, if not most, retirees.” And while changes may come, it seems that most workers are confident that Social Security won’t go away entirely.

At The Seniors Center, We’re Working to Ensure That You Can be Confident in Social Security’s Future

We’ve been fighting for the future of Social Security for years. And our plan to fix Social Security solvency could make a difference. By keeping the money in the program and out of the hands of politicians, our plan would protect benefits for current and future retirees.

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