Senior Citizens to Rubio: Keep Your Hands Off of Our Social Security

Senator Marco Rubio
Senior Citizens are speaking out about Sen. Marco Rubio’s plan to prepay Social Security Retirement benefits to young families

“Leave Social Security Alone.” — Chuck P., Caro Michigan

On Talk Radio and social media… In town hall meetings and in letters to their Congressmen and Senators, Senior Citizens are making their voices heard about Senator Marco Rubio’s plan to take money from the Social Security Trust Fund to pay for parental leave for young families.

The Seniors Center has received thousands of comments from Senior Citizens who are outraged by Senator Rubio’s plan. Here are some examples:

“NO !! I worked full time no breaks for 46 years. I paid my dues. Keep your freakin filthy hands off my social security you corrupt evil excuse for a human.” — Sue C., Westerville Ohio

“Paid leave is for insurance companies to cover.” — Bonnie T., Denver Colorado

“Hands off, Buster. I worked and put that money in for myself now that I’m retired.” — Laines P., Hanover Pennsylvania

“Try doing this to your government pension and leave our social security alone.” — Deborah D.

Billboard calling on Rubio to hold town meetings
Senior Citizens are outraged as politicians continue to spend Social Security money on things other than Social Security.

“We have a working system if we can keep the thieving politicians out of it!”— Sid H., Springfield Oregon

“Leave our social security alone.”—Anna B.

“One more way to burden Social Security with a program it was never intended to support; one more way for Congress to raid the trust fund. Instead of coming up with ways to use Social Security that are outside of its original mandate, I would like to see Congress admit they have been stealing from the fund since Eisenhower used it to help pay for the Interstate highway system and begin to pay back the funds stolen… As far as paid parental leave goes, corporations of all sizes enjoyed a big tax cut; let them use some of that money to provide paid leave for their employees. After all, we keep being told they are passing the savings on to employees… I am not an opponent of paid parental leave. I do oppose robbing Social Security yet again to pay for it.” — Chris B., East Helena, Montana

“Leave your hands, mind, mouth, and fingers off of Social Security.” — Linda N.

“Back door way to weaken and eliminate Social Security. — Jim D.

“Stay the hell away from Social Security and Medicare. We worked and paid for it our entire lives.” — Judy L., Bellville Michigan

“Every time politicians see a pool of money, they stick a straw in it and suck it dry. Same thing would happen, only worse. Where on earth do we Americans find these guys, and how many more are there hiding in the swamp? Lets find some human beings to elect.”— Ed W.

“A law needs to be passed that stops our corrupt government from touching our Social Security!!!!”— Janice O., Perryville Maryland

“Leave our money alone.” — Thelma S.

“Leave my Social Security alone !!!!” — Lois K., Charlotte Michigan

“We paid our Social Security now leave it alone!” — Pam L, Virginia Beach, Virginia

Anti Rubio protestors
The outcry from Senior Citizens opposing the Rubio plan is unprecedented.

“Marco Rubio, that Social Security money does not belong to you and is not a slush fund for your use. The money belongs to the workers that paid into the Social Security Fund all of their working lives. You guys give yourselves raises but when it comes to paying out Social Security, it’s like you’re giving us a handout when actually it is our money, and so minute compared to the raises you give yourselves. You all should be contributing to a fund to pay back the money taken from Social Security. Instead you would like to take more. That is unacceptable. Find another way to get the money you want or forget the idea.” — Mary S.

“Hasn’t enough money been stolen from Social Security? You can’t know who will continue to work in order to pay back!” — Mimi L., Cockeysville Maryland

“Shame on Rubio for even suggesting this. Those funds do not belong to him. How dare he jeopardize the well being of millions of seniors who worked their whole lives to contribute to Social Security. A fund they depend on and in some cases their only means as income.” — Sylvia B.

“Leave Social Security alone.” — Rich M.

“Rubio Must leave our Social Security alone. Not his to mess with.” — Carolyn B.

“What are these politicians smoking??” — Alan W., Charlottesville Virginia

Seniors Protest Marco Rubio
The Rubio plan could be a slippery slope. If people are allowed to borrow from Social Security for family leave, what about college tuition or the downpayment for a house?

“Leave Social Security alone. In fact, pay back all of the money that was taken/borrowed/stolen from it. That money belonged to the people that paid into it all of their working lives. We worked for and owned that money. No one asked permission to take or borrow it. It is not a slush fund. When you borrow money, you pay it back…so we are waiting. Would you allow someone to take your hard earned money? I don’t think so.” — Mary S.

“I’m finding it hard to believe that Marco Rubio is committing political suicide.
He lives in a State that has a high number of Senior Citizens, who paid into the system, and earned these benefit. He is not thinking about the people that voted for him.”  — Frank B.

“Social Security is our money not government’s money…hands off!” — Earnest P.

“This is nothing but an insidious, back-door way to further erode the savings WE set aside for our futures. It’s not paid leave at all – it’s MORTGAGED leave. And we’re our own creditors.” — Charles C., New Braunfels Texas

“Don’t touch our money!”— Deborah W., Ashland Ohio

“Social security is for retirement, not paid leave! Leave our money alone. Pay back all you’ve stolen with interest!” — Barbara S.

“This is what happens when you elect people who have never had a job other than elected office. They haven’t paid into it and they voted themselves a golden parachute so when they leave office they have us pay them forever.” — Dan C., Willow Springs Missouri

Rubio's Dream is Our Nightmare Banner
The Rubio plan will allow young families to borrow from their future Social Security benefits

“Stop taking money from Social Security. Put back what you took. Please.” — Maxine G Waterford Michigan

“Unconscionable!!!” — Glenn L.

“Rubio, keep your hands off our Social Security. We worked for it, you didn’t.” — Nestor G., Miami Florida

“No. No. No.” — April H.

“Never, Rubio.” — John K. Fruitland Park Florida

“Stop stealing our Social Security money, put back what you’ve taken.” — Cecelia E.

“Marco Rubio, leave our Social Security alone. Congress has taken so much from it that there’s nothing on reserve. We are getting paid as others are contributing.” — Margarita R.

“I am sure his mom and dad are proud of him. Just another Politicians who thinks he can make a difference stealing from the elderly.”— Ronald A.

“It is a nightmare. Leave our Social Security alone. Most of us paid into it our whole lifetime. It’s there to take care of the people who paid into it.” — Sylvia B.

“NOOOO to Rubio! Leave our Social Security alone. It belongs to us not to give away to others. The wealthy, they don’t need it! We Senior Citizens do. We worked years to have something in the older years! Sick of it!” — Wanda S., Orleans Michigan

“Tell him NO! It’s not his money!” — Maryanne M., Oakville Missouri