Seniors Tell Mitch McConnell: Don’t Even Think About Cutting Social Security

In the ten days since US Senator Mitch McConnell called for cuts to Social Security and medicare to help control the deficit, Senior Citizens have begun to make their power known. Tens of thousands of people have flooded the Senate switchboard with phone calls. Seniors are speaking out at every opportunity. And they’re making sure to be heard in Washington loud and clear.

The Seniors Center has been gathering comments for Senator McConnell from our friends and supporters across the country. We’re publishing some of them so you can see for yourself how Senior Citizens feel about McConnell’s plan:

“Social Security is not a perk, if the Congress had kept their hands off of it, there would be no problem.” – Lloyd E.

“There really is no problem with it. It’s in bonds. 2.8 Trillion. The real problem is that some in the Senate and Congress see that money as their own. They want access to use it. As long as the government grows, this will be a issue. We need to reduce their paychecks and retirement benefits. Make them realize they work for the people and the nation. Not  for their personal gain. Term limits.” – Jimmy B.

“They seem to say what ever suits their needs… but they are the reason Social Security is in trouble… They keep getting their hands into it.” – Nancy K.

“Just like 45. Liar, liar, liar and some of those people just believe what ever they say. They’ve drunk the Kool-Aid.” – Athena C.P.

Protestors in the street
Senior Citizens are outraged by Mitch McConnell’s plan to fight the deficit by cutting Social Security

“Social Security is NOT part of the budget it is funded separately and if Congress paid back the money they stole from it, it would have a surplus again.” – Linda B.G.

“They have stolen OUR money from the Social Security fund that we and our employers paid into for many years. I want them to pay it back or go to jail for theft.” – Lillian D.

“Instead of his ridiculous amount of salary to be stupid, he needs to try to live on social security!” – Debbie J.

“If the government paid back every cent they “borrowed” and stole then there would be a surplus again. Stop taking money out of social security and that will go a long way toward solving the problems.” – Sheron H.

“Social Security is not an entitlement! Stop calling it that! We paid into it for all of our working years, we earned it!!!!!” – Pat K.

“Supplemental Security Income has never been a voluntary retirement fund, We have to pay into it and now we want our money back that Congress has stolen from it. Pay it back, Mitch.” – Toby W.

“Social Security never has been a budget item. It is a separate account funded by you, me, and our employers to provide us with a retirement income. If Congress didn’t steal over $2-trillion from the fund over the past 40 years, it would still have plenty of money to even increase monthly payments of everybody.” – John T.

“Of they hadn’t stolen from Social Security it would be fine. Also figure in how many never live long enough to take it or did shortly after retirement.” – Kathy K., Eltopia, Washington

“That money is money withheld from our pay checks, to be there for our retirement and medical expenses when we retired. It is our, we seniors, money.” Doris S.

“Mitch doesn’t need to rely on social security so he doesn’t care about it. He needs to be retired already. He’s already made plenty of money off of us.” – Wanita O.

“Social security is in its own trust fund. I think it’s all you over-paid Government politicians in the Congress and the Senate that are causing the problem.” – Jim T.

“You’re wrong Mitch. Social Security is paid in by us workers all these years and is not yours to steal. It’s our money. Leave it to Hell alone.” – Caroline S., Granville, Vermont

“Social security never belonged to the government to spend as they wanted. Social Security belonged to the seniors for their retirement. The problem was the government stole the money now it all gone.” – Ron G.

“The government is so used to robbing the Social Security fund that they think it is their personal piggy bank.” – Joann W., Gridley, California

“Social Security is not the Government funds, it is the working class Savings. Social Security is for retirement. Put back what you borrowed with interest.” – Peggy B., Morrison, Illinois

“If you had left Social Security alone and quit acting like it was the government’s savings account, there would be no problem with Social Security!” – Barbara S.

“Neither of these two assholes know what they’re talking about. I worked over 50 years paying mine in. It’s not an entitlement –  I paid for mine.” – LaVerne R., Kerrville, Texas

“No the national deficit DID NOT balloon because of social security but because of the raises congress gave themselves, and all the aid to foreign countries that hate us, plus the pension and expense money to former presidents.” – Linda M., Fayette, Alabama

“They always have plenty of money for themselves.” – Margaret B., Hamilton, Alabama

“Perpetual War is what caused the deposit!” – James B., Baker City, Oregon

“Social Security should never be included in the deficit, it is our money not the governments please keep your grubby hands off of it.” – Jack W., Bay City, Texas

“Don’t mess with our Social Security! We the people paid into this for our retirement it is not a Federal benefit, it is our money!” – Pat S., Rohnert Park, California

Mitch McConnell shrugs
US Sen. Mitch McConnell is blaming the deficit on Social Security and Medicare

“Lyndon Johnson eliminated the Social Security Trust Fund in 1969 & put the money into the general fund where it has been going ever since. We get paid from the general fund.”- Diane R.

“Idiots in Washington have no idea what the heck the Social Security is. Too bad we can’t march back there and tell them. I think we should all get together and put on a ballot for the federal government not to have a retirement fund or get paid after they leave office and we’ll see how many of them actually save for their retirement because they’re taking our retirement fund and put it every place but where it’s supposed to be in the side the trust account.” – Elizabeth T.

“It was never supposed to be in the general fund. That money belongs to us who paid into it. It is not government to do with as they please. Pay it back and do not touch it except for our checks. Not one penny of government money goes into that account so stop dipping into it and pay us back what has been taken already.” – Carol S.

“How in the Hell, is social security an entitlement program?!? – Joe S.

“We want our money in Social Security secured so that no politician can touch it, or use for any other reason other than what it was intended . Plus, you need to pay all interest on money that was stolen from the Social Security Trust Fund over the years. Pay it back to the people that paid into Social Security. Now. We the people are waiting and we’re not going to forget!!!” – Bruce L.

“This makes no sense. First they said we’re getting social security raise now they’re talking about cutting and giving tax breaks to the middle class.” – Margaret D., Lebanon, Indiana

“We have paid for social security & Medicare. Cut out the high salaries & retirements for congress.” – Lynn S.

“Social Security Payroll Taxes come out of my paycheck every pay period. Our Congress took money from this fund and I need to put it back. That’s the bottom line!” – Renee G.

“Leave our social security alone we worked for it we paid into we paid medical and all give us back what you owe us.” Luisa C., Livermore, California

“Social security would be solvent if the funds hadn’t been robbed by politicians.” – Ray S., Hampton, Virginia

“If and when this election goes as I think it will, I sincerely hope the new Congress removes Social Security and Medicare from the General Budget. LBJ really fouled it up when he insisted those two self supporting agencies be included in the budget.” – Allen R.

“I know of people getting Social Security Disability Insurance in their 20s for being a alcoholic that’s what’s wrong with Social Security.” – Raymond P., Shelby, North Carolina

“To get rid of it they have to stop collecting it then they can’t borrow from it either hmmmmm.” – Thomas D., Babylon, New York

“Cut all their salaries to what we get, take away their medical & all other benefits & put it in the Social Security program. See what they think then!” – Deanna B.

“They have no idea what the word compassion means. They care for no one but themselves.” – Betty G., Irwin, Pennsylvania

“McConnell needs to get the boot! He and his fellow assholes have borrowed to the tune of trillions from Social Security and never paid one cent back! If they have deficit problems, I suggest they take a pay cut or start donating some of their speaking fees to the fund, or better yet, start contributing to it like the rest of us have to! Get rid of the damn ceiling and make everybody contribute, no caps!” – Denise G.

“We paid into Social Security, it is not the governments money to spend!!!!!! It’s our money!” – John M.

“Here is a novel idea: Why doesn’t the government pay back the Billions they have taken from Social Security? Then it would be More than solvent!” – Charles M.

Protestors hold signs "Hear us Mitch"
Mitch McConnell: Keep your hands off of Social Security

“No way. Social Security and Medicare pay their own way. If you would leave the money alone, we’d be fine.” – Betty K., Orange, California

“People die every day that have paid into Social Security Fund that never collected a dime.” – Teri L.

“It is worth investigating where those savings go.” – Ana G.

“Social Security would not contribute to the deficit if you hadn’t stolen our money in the first place.” – Nancy S.

“Why cut Social Security and Medicaid? Just cut ALL Congressional pay & benefits in at least half to refill part of the money taken from those who paid into the programs with their sweat and tears. It’s your turn to take a cut in your substance!” – Sharon M.

“I don’t believe our social security should be touched by anyone in the government! That is our money and not an entitlement!” – Carol S.

“Really people??? That is our money taken out of our pay checks throughout our lives so we have some back when we no longer are able to work, had NOTHING to do with government being able to take it out at their own whim! That’s called stealing money… robbery… crime… which should be stopped, money paid back to the victims, and prosecuted if they don’t correct this!” – Josie D.

“Problem is laws where passed that allowed them to do it. That’s one of the problems with our system. No checks and balance. Too much government. And it is still getting bigger and more expensive… The fact is that city, county, state, and federal government the taxes are going up along with property taxes. You pick an item. Then research the taxes on that product. We are not winning the war. Government is.” – Jimmy B.

“Take Social Security deposits out of the general fund, pay back the trillions owed to social security, make social security disability a part of welfare and not social security, deny welfare and Medicaid to all non citizens, cut spending, stop funding foreign countries… – Carol H., Las Vegas, Nevada

“Try to touch Social Security and you will see another caravan. There will be a march on the political offices and the voting offices. Social Security has been the scene of governmental theft for ill-conceived social programs and it was used to bankroll Obomacare. Somehow, I’m not feeling so bad about your dinner being interrupted.” – Ron J.

“Number one: somebody needs to explain to Mitch McConnell the difference between an entitlement program and something that the taxpayers paid into for their own future!” – Rob U., Springfield, Illinois

“This is all BS to me. We have more Americans working, more social security income being deposited. These people will never make me believe that social security and Medicare are in trouble. What they have done, the Congress has been stealing for other people in foreign countries.” – Shirley L.

“Just make a law that they can never take money out of Social Security again. Then order them to put the money back they took out. It was not their money to use. It was the people that put the money there for their future Social Security!” – Marilyn S.

“If you want a real revolution keep messing around with old peoples money. We’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain if we go all “French Revolution” on the crooked politicians. Ask King Louis how that worked for him.” – Bobby R.

“When someone comes up with away to make them pay it back let me know and we should be telling our young people it’s going to hurt them pay it back and it wont hurt them talk to the young.” – Wade B., Roland, Oklahoma

“Has senility set in on Mitch McConnell or does he think his fellow Republicans are stupid enough to believe him? Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid are a separate fund taken separately out of paychecks.” – Phoebe R.

“Mitch McConnell is just another crooked politician!” – Athena C.P.

“Social Security and Medicare have absolutely nothing to do with the deficit! What a bunch of narcissistic liars! Wake up people, these people are nothing but crooks.”- Susan W., Laramie, Wyoming

“Wow, seems that that deficit has ballooned in spite of SS and Medicare which have been long standing programs. Did Mitch forget the numbers of times that Congress has raided the Social Security Trust Fund? Or used Social Security money as the country’s rainy day fund and NEVER paid back what they took?” – Mary W.

“Social Security is self funded by American tax payers and Employers through payroll deductions. 2.6 Trillion dollars before Congress and Senate dipped into it, promising to back it back which they never did. Yet you retire with full benefits when you leave office. How is this fair?” – Alicia C.

“The state of Kentucky keeps voting this old crow in office. Why? When they see what Mitch McConnell wants do to their Social Security and Medicare. the same thing for Ryan’s district. Why?????” – Phil B.

“Anyone with any common sense knows the difference between how Social Security and Medicare are funded and how the government is funded! And with that, they should see what a liar Mitch actually is!!!” – Nancy P., Atkinson, Nebraska

“The deficit ballooned because the government is flat out of control. If they were forced to repay the almost 2.9 trillion they “borrowed” from Social Security, the trust would remain viable. They need to rein in their spending, not blame the seniors who paid into the fund their whole lives.” – Clarissa S.

“Careful Mitch! Would not have supplemental security income and Medicare would not be a problem, if the past several administrations not borrowed from it, to the tune of Trillions of dollars to balance their budgets. Not 1 dime of that money has been put back!” – Bill T.

“It ballooned because the Obama administration let anyone apply and receive SSDI, even if they could work. Basically Obama gave $2262 per month to people who could work but wouldn’t. That raised the deficit plus Obama continued to steal tax money to fund George Soros and terrorist organizations.” – Fred H.

“Social Security has over a trillion dollars in its coffers . . . except that the Republicans have “borrowed” from it to pay for unfunded wars, etc. – Susan Z.

“The deficit ballooned because they are robbing both Social Security and Medicare and giving the benefits to people who are not entitled to it.” –  JT T.

“Social Security benefits should be increased as well as Medicare. Cutting these benefits will not help lower or reverse the deficit unless they steal our money! Pay Congress, the president, and Supreme Court justices minimum wage and only for the actual hours worked. No Cadillac healthcare for them either.” – Maynard H., Kinston, North Carolina

“First of all, we all know Social Security is not part of our national economy, it has its own identity and is funded by the people who will collect from it. What happened back with George Bush Senior is he found where it is written that at time of war these funds can be borrowed and he did so during the Bosnia/Iraq conflicts and he never put the money back and now there is a loss on the books that has rolled over with interest and they can’t find the funds to pay that off within this young and growing economy. Neither party is good at accounting we know that and this is why we hired Trump and he’s involved in waiting to see what his team comes up with but he has said all along there would be no reason to touch Social Security monies and that these kinds of issues would be first to deal with during recovery.” – Judith H.

“The problem is that this fund was used to pay for other things, like public assistance. Why are we not talking cuts to these programs?” – Julie B.

“If the deficit went up because of Social Security. It is because they had to put back money they stole to keep things running.” – Neil W.

“No more foreign aid till the deficit is gone. America first.” – Neil W.

“I am sick of both parties! All of the good old boy / girl network needs to go.” – LR A., Colorado Springs, Colorado

“Lying McConnell. They did the tax bill and planned all the time to pay for it in the backs of the elderly. Censure him for intent to kill us.” – Karen W., Houston, Texas