#KeepOurTrust: over 6,000 tell Congress to sign the Pledge!


We’ve only got a few more days left in 2018–and we’re hoping 2019 will be The Seniors Center’s most exciting year ever!

Our #KeepOurTrust Pledge campaign is fully underway.  We’re asking every member of our new Congress to make what we feel is one of the most important commitments to their constituents and the American people: creating and passing legislation that fixes Social Security’s funding gap and protects Social Security beneficiaries from harsh benefit cuts.

Keep a look out for a #KeepOurTrust update very soon.  And if you haven’t already, please head over to KeepOurTrust.org to sign the “It’s Time to Fix Social Security!” Petition.  We need your help to tell our legislators to take the Pledge!