“Give it back” — Seniors speak out about the raid on Social Security

Seniors are speaking out over at The Seniors Center Facebook page.  We’re fed up with the federal government’s raid on OUR hard-earned Social Security money.

Take a look at what our friends and supporters are saying about the $2.85 TRILLION “borrowed” from our Trust Fund:

“I say it is illegal for the government to spend money from the Social Security Trust Fund. The same applies to spending money from our Medicare Trust Fund as well.” – Oscar N., Rochester, New York

“That is our money put into a Trust Fund to pay for our retirement,not for Congress to spend or give away as they wanted to.” – David C., Yazoo City, California

“It’s past time. It was not borrowed. Borrowing suggests an intent to repay with a schedule of repayment. Nope it was stolen. It should be required to be repaid with interest compounded monthly.” – Jo H.

“Social Security is not the piggy bank of any political party. Us seniors have been told Social Security will be running out of money periodically. If this be the case, start taking money out of politicians’ pensions until all the millions are paid back. This is our money.” – Louella B., Crown Point, Indiana

“Has anyone thought about how this money is paid back? If it is taken from the general fund, then we taxpayers are paying it back, and that means we are paying twice. First thing, Social Security needs to be in a lockbox, period. Used only for Social Security, period. The question of how to repay is still there.” – Rick P., Arizona

“Time to pay all that money back to Social Security so it will be there for all the people that paid in to that Fund.” – Mike P., Warren, Michigan

“Give it back. This money was earmarked for Social Security and only Social Security. It is money taken from our payroll checks and our employers. Give it back!” – Debbie C., Houston, Texas

“Don’t care who stole first. I want to see the money back and stop hearing about getting rid of Social Security.” – Susan S.

“What was it spent on? Many ‘satellites’ aren’t ‘satellites.’ Just sayin’…protection of earth is expensive. We have undisclosed starships.” – Joni R., Falls, Oregon

“Repay money stolen from our Social Security Fund. Government owes us as the money belongs the American people.” – Sharon D., Ewing, Virginia

“The Social Security Trust Fund is used for American people–not to be used to supplement the wealthy’s lack-of-paying taxes or paying for wars.” – Gilbert M., Toas, New Mexico

“This is a disgrace. This money is from people that worked and contributed to Social Security. I worked 36 years for the same company. I had no choice. They took out Social Security. Pay back the money so it will be solvent.” – Bob D., California

“Yes, they also owe Social Security the money they used to go to the moon with. They took it out of Social Security, but have never paid it back.” – Chris L., Atlanta, Georgia

“Is Social Security what you call a slush fund? What happened to all that money I was forced to pay in most of my life?” – Mary P.

“Congress, before spending our money, pay back what you stole from the Social Security Trust Fund.” – Rosalee K.,

“Those crooks in Congress can give me my money back. I worked for that money. I’m not real sure those crooks know how to work.” – Terri L., Richardson, Texas

“Yes, plus interest, then all the people that paid in and are drawing Social Security checks can have a real cost-of-living raise. They should be able to live better than someone on welfare that never paid in. I am tired of career politicians living the good life off our money and kick backs. It is time to vote all career politicians. Just venting out.” – Randy R., Guthrie, Oklahoma

“Pay back with interest now. I worked and paid mine in 52 years. Many long days and nights, lots of 20 hours before going home. I am a single mom. The father wasn’t a provider, so my parents kept my daughter. Sorry I had to leave her for so many hours just to make us a living. But thankful my parents were there for her. So don’t even think of taking my Social Security or Medicare, I paid for mine.” – Carol W.

“I have read so many post on this topic! Some say the government borrowed this many, others say they cannot touch the Trust Fund, others say they borrowed the interest made on the Trust Fund. I would truly like something that tells the American people exactly what has or has not been done! Clarification on this would be nice from a reliable source!”  -Brent B;, Saint Johnsbury, Vermont

“All these taxpayers’ money . Seniors having worked many years need to get a immediate 25 % raise from Social Security.” – Charles R.

“It’s time to pay the money back. No raises, and take money out of their paychecks from all Congresspeople. Use their vacation money. – Gloria C., Greely, Colorado

“How did this happen? It’s not anybody’s money to lend to the government. It’s the workers’ money. Our system of government is failing the people. Its beyond time for a revamp!” – Joyce G.

“It wouldn’t be in trouble if they didn’t steal our money . Misappropriation of funds–good reason to send them to jail.” -Barry O.

“Is that why they cut my social security from $1200 a month to $600 to $0? They said that even though my pre-retirement estimate was $1260 per month, I shouldn’t have received that because I also have a small retirement. So, I was overpaid and have to pay it back. I started working full time the day after I graduated high school and paid $72,946 into my social security account and $37,370 into medicare (including employer match).” – Ruth N

“Time to pay it back, you bunch of crooks–with interest . Like 15 years in prison for everyone involved.” – Bill J.

“This has got to stop. Keep your money-grabbing hands of the Social Security–that is not backed by the taxpayers, but by the people that worked hard for this money under law.” -Linda L

“Let’s take their money until they give us back our money. Stop all benefits and retirement funds for all Congress’ employees. I bet it will get fixed faster.” -Ron G.

“With Interest plus withhold payments to retired Congressmen and Senators until it is paid back.” – Diane M.

“It is way past time that Congress pays back the 2.85 trillion dollars that Congress borrowed/stole from the Social Security Fund without our permission. This is money that Americans paid into the Social Security Fund during their lifetimes. It is also time that this money is not called an entitlement as this money was paid into the Social Security Fund in full in hard-earned cash. It was paid into the Social Fund over a 40-year plus time period as a payroll deduction every week just like clockwork never missing a weekly payment. If the national debt has to be increased by 2.85 trillion dollars, so be it. The money needs to be paid back into the Social Security Fund now with no questions or delays. If need be we can start a major civil war to make sure this happens so be it. Enough is enough when you are dealing with an absolutely, totally crooked, corrupt Congress and Government.” – Jim B.

“This is a “trust fund”. The government did not contribute money into this Fund. Americans and their employers paid into this fund yearly. It does not belong to the government. This 2.85 billion dollars needs an audit as no oversight has ever reported the Federal Government paying interest in our Trust. Pay this Trust Fund back, our money you the Senate and House used without permission.” – Mark Ross W.

“They should give up their perks and live on what they make and pay into Social Security like we do. Pay for their own medical insurance like we do and pay back what they’ve taken–it’s not theirs to just take.” – Ravenna Ann B.

“Take it out of their salaries. They live off expense accounts anyway and don’t pay travel expenses, so what do they need all that money for? Let them use the same insurance and retirement the rest of us do.” – Carolyn C., Stratford, Oklahoma

“They did not borrow it, they stole it, and should be suffering the same consequences as anyone else who steals.” – Vicki W., Saint Paul, Minnesota

“Time to claw back the retirement benefits of active and retired federal legislators.” – Peter B., Summit, New Jersey

“They never asked us to borrow our money, so that means they stole it. Isn’t that a felony? They should be in jail.” – Norene Blythe C., Houston, Texas

“Never borrowed it–just stole it. That’s what it’s called when you borrow money and don’t pay it back…. Thieves in Washington on both sides.” – Pedro D.

“The Congress changed the Trust Fund to a slush fund so they could use it as they see fit. This all started back in the 80’s.” -Buddy Sylvester E.

“I kept my end of the bargain–keep your dirty fingers away from my Social Security Trust.” – Orhan O.

“First business of Congress should be “to pay back stolen money from Social Security Trust Fund.” There is a shortage due to stealing money from retirees’ Social Security Trust Fund. Pay it back immediately before spending on anything else.” – Eleanor K.

“Yes they need to pay us back–it wasn’t their money in the first place because they don’t pay into Social Security at all. Put the money back now.” – Dorothy Maxine Z.

“Years of stealing adds up and pays off for them, that’s why there should be term limits. But we should go back to when it all started and find who’s responsible for this.” – Gloria I.

“Give back what you borrowed. That is the way it works when we borrow. It should also apply to you.” – William C., Phoenix, Arizona

“Congress, pay back the money you took from Social Security then put the money in a separate account just for Social Security.” – Richard S.

“They didn’t borrow it. They flat out stole it and let’s face it. It’s water under the bridge now never to be seen again.” – Wayne L.

“There should be one simple rule to follow regarding Social Security money. Only those who contributed to the system shall receive the benefit from the system.” – Felly C., Houston, Texas

“I am speaking for myself. I have worked most of my life in coal mines. Paid into the system like thousands of others have. I believe this money belongs to everyone that has worked for it. And it’s supposed to be there when one is unable to work. They should not be able loan it out. It’s hard enough trying to get by on what the government thinks you and your family deserve. Sign of the times. God bless you all.” – Jeffrey S.

“They broke the law. They were not to take that money. It belongs to the people. We deposit money with the Social Security every payday. They took without a vote–that is theft. They should be arrested and put in jail.” – Denise V., Tampa, Florida

“Legislation should be introduced immediately to return all money borrowed plus interest.” – Lois Barney Y.

“If they paid it back we would never run out of Social Security. But they plan on taking more with 2018 budget.” – Judy S., Mount Holly Springs, Pennsylvania

“Don’t forget all our interest that’s due. They should be made to pay it back or be charged with theft.” – William F.

“I say we take their houses, cars, businesses. Everything they own until it’s all paid back. Then throw them in prison like we do any other thief.” – Teddy B.

“Sounds good on paper, but they didn’t have money when they stole it. What makes you think that they have money to pay it back?” – Richard P., Grass Valley, California

“How did this happen? It’s not anybody’s money to lend to the government! It’s the workers’ money! Our system of government is failing the people! Beyond time for a revamp!” – Joyce S.

“It wouldn’t be in trouble if they didn’t steal our money. Misappropriation of funds, good reason to send them to jail.” – Barry O.

“We the People demand that the government pay every single dime back. That’s retirement money for the hard working people. This is not a government handout. Pay every dime back to us.” – Maria R.

“Nice thought, but unfortunately even if they did ‘pay it back,’ guess where the government gets its money? (Hint: it’s the same people it stole the money from in the first place).” – Bradley G.

“They don’t understand the difference between borrow–which means to pay back–and steal–which is what they do–and then complain Social Security is running out of money. I wonder why.” – Sheron H.

“They stole it from Social Security because we all know they will never pay it back.” – Gabriella S.

“I was wondering when this would come into play. The Federal Congress has been stealing from the Social Security Trust Fund almost from day one. None of this is entitlement–it’s what we paid for.  Time to collect our just due.” – Daniel B.

“Repay Social Security! That is our money. We earned and paid into it with every dime. You have no right to even think about cutting it!!” – Helen R.

“They didn’t borrow it–they stole it. It is mighty strange welfare never runs out of money. But Social Security is always on the edge.” – James B.

“I thought there was a law that said it was a private trust function and couldn’t be touched. It belongs solely to the people that paid into it!” – Jim H.

“Borrowed is a lie. In order to pay it back, what are they going to do: create new taxes. That is not them paying it back. That is us paying it back. They are not borrowing money from Social Security–they are stealing it.” – Dean A.

“If anyone managed a trust fund like this in the real world, they’d be jailed for embezzlement. Now the SOBs are attacking our hard-earned Medicare and Social Security benefits and they are supposed to represent us.” – Shirley S., Frostproof, Florida

“Absolutely! That is not their money to borrow. It belongs to anyone who has had a job from age 16 who was forced into paying into Social Security. It’s a Trust Fund and is not part of the budget. Pay it back with whatever the interest rate was when the government started robbing it!” – Sharon J., Spokane, Washington

“When we can hardly buy groceries and medicine. I am in the age where I would love to have what the people we voted in have spent.” – Nancy B., Summerville, South Carolina

“The problem is that there’s no due date. And where is the US government going to get the money from? They should have never been allowed to borrow any money from the Social Security. The government keeps on spending money… Sooner than later, we all are going to have to pay.” – Luis D.A., South San Francisco, California

“The Social Security Trust Fund is used for American people–not to be used to supplement wealthy lack of paying taxes or paying for wars.” – Gilbert M.

“We seniors are long overdue for a decent increase in our Social Security. Be nice to pay the bills.” – Karan L.

“This really is most upsetting. At first it was borrowed. Then I guess it was decided free money just grab some more! Shameful.” – Alice A., San Leandro, California

“If you ‘borrow’ with no intention to pay it back, that is stealing. I want Congress charged with embezzlement.” – Roy B., Cheshire, Connecticut

“Good luck with that one! The Social Security Trust Fund has zero funds. Zero. It has all been spent by our elected officials and replaced by IOUs from them. Just a slick accounting scam to steal your money and piss it away and line their pockets and those of their families and friends. They do not even include these items in their budget. They call them off line budget items so they don’t have to count them as debts on their balance sheet. ‘Cooking the Books’ is what it’s called, and it’s done to mask just how poor of a job they have done managing the taxpayers’ money and just how much has been frittered away and/or unaccounted for. They don’t want the public to dare find out that our National Debt is not the 20 trillion they’ve been claiming but more like 3 times that amount. Like the 50 -60 trillion range.” -Steven W.

“They broke the law. They were not to take that money. It belongs to the people. We deposit money with the Social Security every pay day. They took it without a vote. That is theft–they should be arrested and put in jail.” – Denise V., Tampa, Florida

“Legislation should be introduced immediately to return all money borrowed plus interest.” – Lois Y.

“Their budgets only pay interest, they don’t pay down the principal. Technically they are only trustees for both Medicare and Social Security. As such, I always felt it should be reflected separately with expenses and revenues. This is why Gore ran on a ‘lock box’ for it.” – Doreen L.

“That’s like having 3 dogs and tossing a milk bone at them expecting them to share.” – Terry C.

“Yes, so we can keep our retirement. Also is there any record of what this was spent on? I would like to see receipts as well…” – Bernice H.

“Give the money back to our senior citizens who worked hard for it all their lives. Seniors need a substantial cost-of-living increase. The money belongs to them not the politicians.” – Eleni S.

“Call your Senators and Congressional Representatives and say no more stealing our contributions! No more!” – Vicki S.

“That money was stolen from retirees who worked their butts off and paid into Social Security! We get a pittance as it is!” – Maureen P., South Weymouth, Massachusetts

“It certainly is. Those funds are not going to their discretionary use! They are our funds for our retirement we who paid into it our entire working lifetimes. They need to borrow from their pension funds, not ours.” – Sandi P., Franklinville, New Jersey

“I have said it before and I’ll say it again: PAY BACK with interest and return my medical. Can you live off $1,600 a month and NO insurance?” -Mary P.

“Borrowed is not a word I would use. Social Security was established as a fund that could NOT be used in any other way except Social Security. But that was changed several years ago by our illustrious House and Senate and has been used as THEIR personal piggy bank. Has to be stopped.” – Beth C., Salem, New York

“When money is borrowed, you pay it back and hopefully with interest.” – Rebecca M.

“Actually I don’t like. No wonder Social Security isn’t solvent anymore. Hands off politicians that can’t stay within their own budget.” – Linda H.

“Who ever told the government to take our money needs to get a lawsuit from Social Security lawyers.” – Martha G.

“There is no Trust Fund. It all goes to the general fund and is spent each and every year.” – Bruce H., Bourbonnais, Illinois

“When I retire I would like to sue the government for everything I put into Social Security plus interest.” – Timothy J.

“I knew it! That’s the only reason they want to do away with Social Security–they don’t want to have to give the money back!” – Missb, Lynchburg, Virginia

“I think those that borrowed it and gave it to the ones who didn’t contribute are the ones who need to give it back.” – Faye H., Danbury, Wisconsin

“Totally agree. What they did is a crime and they should be held accountable. That’s what most senior citizens depend on after retirement. It is shameful and disgusting.” – Marilyn W.

“To be clear, Congress did not borrow those funds, they stole them…..with no intention of returning them. This should make us all VERY angry.” -Robert C.

“They need to pay it back with interest. They took it without asking the owners, we the people.” – Lyle H. Wellington, Utah

“No reason for them to borrow our money. If they were working would not need it. Except for their huge salaries and retirement packages.” – Glen M., Oberlin, Louisiana

“So, that money belongs to we the people that paid in for 45 years. I don’t remember being asked if it was okay to give it to someone else!” – Michael D.

“At the end of 2014, the Trust Fund contained (or alternatively, was owed)$2.79 trillion, up $25 billion from 2013. The Trust Fund is required by law to be invested in non-marketable securities issued and guaranteed by the “full faith and credit” of the federal government. Yes, the crooked gangsters. They only care about themselves.” – Kenneth Y.

“Look at all the beautiful neighborhoods and houses these people live in on our dime. It’s wrong.” – Judylee M.

“I always wondered where the Social Security went from people that died before collecting.” – Alberta de Leon

“That Fund, in my opinion, should have been kept in a separate account as that was what they told us it was being taken out for.” – Cathy L., New Holland, Pennsylvania

“I guess I won’t see any payback in my lifetime…sure could use some now, though!” – Mary S.

“That’s for dang sure! We should have already been drawing some of our money these last few years! We should have already gotten a raise several years now!” – Vernon W., Monahans, Texas

“That’s a damn shame to rob the poor and elderly, but they couldn’t care less. Vote these rats out. Don’t put the same rats right back in office.” – Ronnie R., Morgan, Texas

“They are spending while we do without. I don’t even make enough to pay my bills and eat.” – Linda B.

“If Congress doesn’t pay it back I feel that the American people should file a lawsuit against them for theft and send them all to jail.” – Glen P.

“It was wrong for them to touch this money in the first place. I agree that the government needs to pay it back immediately.” – Anne C.

“This is why they’ve raised the age so high–most people will be dead before they ever see a dime.” – Julie L.

“Yes, they should [pay the Trust Fund back] with interest.  They are not supposed to be able to touch it for that money belongs to the people and taking it is the same as stealing it, and they should go to jail.” – Gene-Laura S., Wagener, South Carolina

“With penalties and interest, just like the IRS charges. No more for those who never paid into it either. Long ago, it should have turned into a 401(k) with our contributions.” – Susan B.

“I think perhaps ‘borrowed’ is a new word for ‘stolen’ and it wasn’t ever planned to be repaid.” – Jo P., McMinnville, Tennessee

“They didn’t borrow OUR money, they stole it! When you borrow something you ask! No one asked me if they could help themselves to my account!” – Teresa H.

“They can’t pay it back. They get their money from us! Stealing money with both hands.” – E.j. T.

“Remember, these are the politicians who want to control a single-payer government health care system entrusted with many times more of our money than Social Security.” – Bill G., Loudonville, New York

“If our fine government officials (lol, haha) wouldn’t have borrowed (lol) from Social Security, the interest alone in that account would cover any and all payouts to seniors without touching the principal the hard-working Americans paid in, but alas, we have crooks disguised as representatives robbing us blind. These people disgust me!” – Bruce W., Holton, Michigan

“Anyone that thinks they will pay it back is dreaming. Politicians never pay back. They just lie and take more.” – Gail R.

“This wasn’t borrowed! Borrowed implies the intent to repay with a schedule of repayment. It was stolen! There should be interest compounded monthly and hefty fines added to reimbursement!” – Jo H.

“Social Security is not an entitlement, we worked hard for it. Stop mixing up with other social services.” – Keri H.

“If ‘our’ legislators weren’t such damned crooks, there would be plenty of money for all retirees! And enough for cost-of-living raises! We should shorten the time Senators can service. Right now it is too damn long. Too much time to do a lot of harm.” – Barbara M.

“Stole it! Why not hit their guaranteed retirement, $100+ thousand per year–way less than Social Security pays any of us contributors–and see how they feel.” – Gail T.

“The only way the politicians can think of paying it back is raise taxes. They should, however, pay it back by giving up all pension benefits they, and all living congressmen and women, receive.” – Bob I.

“I paid into Social Security my entire life. At 62, I decided to collect Social Security. Because I have a county pension, they cut my payment in half. How corrupt is that? Bunch and crooks. I’d like to see Congress live on Social Security.” – Don K.

“Everybody needs to sign this so that Congress won’t steal the trillions of dollars that they’ve already taken from Social Security. They need to put it back and not borrow any more–that’s supposed to be a lockbox for Social Security. Congress ain’t nothing but crooks and con artists.” – Michael R.

“Maybe we who have seen our Social Security benefits drop should take this money back. Take it back from the pay of politicians with lifelong pensions and health care. Make them live with the results of the laws they pass and money they ‘borrow.'” – Linda N.

“Absolutely, this money is for the people who put in for it. It is for our future in retirement. They need to pay it back now.” – Linda Kaye S.

“Seniors will never see that money nor will anyone else. They did not borrow that money, they stole that from the seniors.” – Richard G.

“Federal Government needs to pay back $2,850,000,000,000 ($2.85 Trillion) to the Social Security Trust Fund. It’s time for them to pay it back. What–they think because the elderly die, it’s a free-for-all? Pay back, and whoever agreed with it in the first place should brought on charges and go to prison. Stealing, theft – wrong doings of federal funds.” – Marge C.

“This money is not government money to just use as they wish. It’s hard-working people’s retirement money!” – Betsy T.

“You’re damn right! Instead of cutting Social Security, we retirees have already contributed our share. If you have spent it, it’s time to find where in the heck to find it. Thanks, government robbery!” – Geyle K., Mesquite, Nevada

“There has never been a separate “Social Security Trust Fund”. It has always gone into general revenue. Social Security has always been a Ponzi scam to enrich representatives, directly and indirectly.” – Frank B.

“Well you might as well ask for them to pay it back with interest while you’re at it. Not that you’ll get one red cent, but you can ask all you want. As the saying goes, spit in one hand and wish in the other–see which fills up first.” – Alicia S., Ava, Missouri

“Restore our trust in government? Please return our retirement money. It should have never been touched in the first place.” – Randy M.

“We worked hard to put that money aside so we could draw it when we retired. Put it back.” – Mary S.

“This was an account for hard workers to have a little bit of income when they retire! They take (borrow) all this money from the system, then they tell retirees that we’re running out of Social Security funds! What the hell!” – Rick D.

“Yes, it is, and then arrest everyone involved. Then distribute it to all receiving Social Security. With interest.” – Margaret Anna P., Ramseur, North Carolina

“They can start by putting the money they send to other countries into our Social Security Trust Fund.” – Lynne B.

“Isn’t that called stealing from the seniors? And they try to say that the Social Security Fund is going broke! It will be broke by the time this government gets through with it!” – Bonnie P.

“I knew they had their hand in Social Security…but I had no idea it was that much. Yes, we should get a heck of a raise immediately with interest.” – Harold P.

“Makes me furious just to think how they stole the money we worked so hard for while they sit in their mansions and have lifetime salaries and free medical while we barely make ends meet.” – Barbara C.

“And they have the nerve to call Social Security an entitlement. Politicians have made the Fund a piggy bank for themselves.” – Rosemary S., Brooklyn, New York

“They don’t think of us as the government. And we have let them get away with it.” – Jackie C.

“Why did the federal government borrow from our Social Security Trust Fund. We demand answers now.” – Joe W., Taylorsville, Mississippi

“Stop paying out pensions to ex-presidents who make more from outside than they draw from a pension. Treat them like they treat citizens on Social Security.” – Marvin N., Theodore, Alabama

“It is no wonder that they said ‘put Social Security money in a lock-box.’ It was known the government wouldn’t or couldn’t be honest. It was easy money for them! I’ll bet we’d all have a coronary if we actually knew how much money had been siphoned from the people’s money, especially the last ten years… What would happen to you or me if we did such a thing?” – Sherrie A.

“Chances are a lot of it was probably stolen by the same politicians that borrowed the money from the Trust Fund–ones that are super rich. They got super rich after they became politicians. They need to be investigated one and all.” – Gene S.

“Pay back the trillions you owe Social Security. That is the money for people who paid into it.” – Rita F.

“Borrowed? No one asked me for a loan! Its theft! Our government stole our money! A loan is payable on a specific date and has interest tacked on. I want to see the loan contract.” – Gail J.

“If you and I didn’t pay our debts or our taxes, we would be in jail . There is something wrong with this picture.” – Edward C.

“Social Security, as we hear, is set aside from the national budget. Why are they dipping into it?” – Linda P., Gallup, New Mexico

“Enough to give everyone on Social Security, whether it be medical or retirement, $1,000,000. ..My God what an injustice to the people who actually built the country–the poor people who work the hours, put in the sweat and tears–and it shows on their backs, in their hands–and now they make not even enough to make it through the whole month. They have to live simply and still aren’t able to make it. It’s not what ‘God and Country’ is about, I’ll tell you that much.” – Chad H., Casa Grande, Arizona

“Totally ridiculous. Make their own rules and cry like a child when they are caught with their hand in the cookie jar. Social Security would have remained solvent probably for years and years.” – Charles O., Millen, Georgia

“There was no borrowing, but theft instead. This money was stolen from us senior citizens.” – Al W.