“Get it done!”: The Seniors Center supporters sound off on protecting Social Security

Hundreds of thousands of supporters have signed the Trust Fund Emergency Petition to Congress, letting their elected officials know it’s time to stop treating Social Security like a federal piggy bank.

Here are just a few of the comments our passionate supporters across the country have left to express how they truly feel about their benefits.

Pay back the money borrowed/stolen from the Social Security Trust Fund—plus interest.

Michael M., Bay City, MI

The government should not be taking from Social Security to begin with.  It is high time it gets put back.

Melinda C., East Lansing, MI

I worked for this and not for it to be stolen from us.

Crystal W., Utica, NY

Several presidents called it a “general fund,” like that made it okay to steal from it?

Robert S., Mission Viego, CA

Leave Social Security alone. We are the ones who paid into it.

Vivian V., Byron Center, MI

I am almost 62. I will have to work until I’m 70 to get what I worked hard for.  You took our money—you are still taking it.  Somebody please stop this robbery of Americans!

Carol A., Seattle, WA

Yes, borrowing implies repayment.  Otherwise it’s just stealing.

Nancy L., Waukegan, IL

I want the funds taken from Social Security paid back with 10% interest.

Mary B., Centerville, UT

Return the money stolen from the retirement savings that came out of my paycheck these many years. Is anyone stealing the money from the Congressional retirement fund?  No, I didn’t think so.  I did not give my consent to Congress to steal my retirement simply by voting for representation.  I am healthy and about to retire and I expect the money I paid in my entire working life (beginning at age 11) to be there when I need it.

Roy B., Davisburg, MI

People earn their Social Security.  Keep your hands off the Social Security Fund!  Raid your own pension fund!

Kathy M., Tallahassee, FL

Stealing—plain and simply. Trust funds should be off limits!

Jennifer R., Lake City, FL

The Presidents, the Republicans, and the Democrats have all used our Social Security as a candy jar without asking, and now it’s time to put the money back into our Social Security, which should have been done a long time ago.  We should not have to be asking for it.

Joyce V., Broken Arrow, OK

Put back the money you stole.

Brenda C., Fulton, TX

The government should pay all the money back to Social Security that they borrowed!

Mike H., Sioux Falls, SD

Maybe someday the people WE ELECT will do the job WE elect them for.

George R., Brookefield, CT

It SERIOUSLY bothers me that they always take from the Social Security Fund when there’s so many other places they could eliminate or take from—other unnecessary projects. The government needs to STOP taking from Social Security funds and definitely repay everything taken down to the last penny!  We’ve worked our whole lives paying into Social Security and we want to know it’s going to be there for retirees and disabled individuals!  Stop already—for real!

Kimberly Q., Reynoldsburg, OH

Get it done!

Sondra M., Springboro, OH

I’m sick and tired of the way our government uses our money that we paid in for 30 to 50 years and doing with it what they please.  Our hard-earned money is not the government’s treasure chest.  It belongs to those of us who contributed it.

Edwina M., Fort McCoy, FL

Yes, Congress needs to repay the funds taken from Social Security.

Lonna M., Bonita Springs, FL

If not now, when?

Keith A., Richmond, VA

I put my money into the Fund.  Give my money back.

Brian D., Elmore, OH

It is criminal how Congress has stolen our hard-earned money.  PUT IT BACK.

R. C., Henrico, VA

Keep your hands off.

Thomas C., New York, NY

Keep it honest.  Pay our money back.

Jeffery S., Payson AZ

Pay back the Social Security you “borrowed” and stop taking from OUR Trust Fund.  This is not a slush fund for other agendas.

Trisha L., Eureka, CA

Why did you all touch the Social Security Trust Fund?  Leave it alone.  Go after your own retirement and benefits that you all receive.  I did not vote for all the fringe benefits that are paid to you.

Julia H., Oklahoma City, OK

Repay the money taken from Social Security!

Sandra B., Phenix City, AL

This money is not a piggy bank for politicians!  Pay back every dollar “borrowed” with interest!

Carl P., Gadsden, AL

If any of us helped ourselves to this money, we would be in jail!

Ingrid C., Youngsville, LA

All my working life Social Security was deducted from my paycheck, not voluntarily, so that money is mine and is not a gift from the government.  My dollars were paid into the Fund.  Congress needs to pay back the loan—the would have to pay back a bank if they “borrowed” money!

JoAnn W., Langhorne, PA

These monies never were part of any general governmental funding.  They belong to the people who paid them in, not to Congress.  Pay back what was stolen from US.

Dorothy B., Cincinnati, OH

Some of us only have Social Security to look forward to.  I have paid into it 40 years.  I earned it. Congress, please pay back what you owe toward Social Security.  We the American people paid into it.  It’s for the American people who contributed to it.  Not to Congress or for any other reasons.  Thank you.

Zabrina P., Winder, GA

Please put the money back that we have worked so hard for!

Penny H., West Columbia, SC

Stop the government from stealing money from our Social Security accounts!  Make an amendment to the Constitution to ensure that corrupt politicians stop using our money for pet projects.  Shield our money from the government!  We’re not your piggy bank!

Coree M., Garden Grove, CA

Social Security is not an entitlement program.  I’ve paid into it since I was 16 years old and I’m counting on that money for retirement.

Larry J., North Port, FL

Time to pay back what you stole from us.

Connie D., Brookfield, MO

Pay back all that was borrowed.

Allen B., Crofton, MD

This should be paid back ASAP!  Millions have paid into it and they have no hope now of collecting when it is needed. Withhold Congress’ pay until it is repaid!

Gloria B., Griffin, GA

This is our money and should not be tampered with in the first place.  This is not an entitlement!  Congress must pay it back!

Janet P., Jenison, MI

Stop stealing our money to line your pockets, crooks!

Richard T., La Fayette, NY

Social Security is not an entitlement program.  We pay into it through our paychecks.  Congress, keep your goddamn filthy hands off our Social Security and pay back what you owe us.

Paul J., Cathedral City, CA

Leave Social Security alone.

Mark W., Connellsville, PA

We the People are tired and fed up with the outright thievery by Congress regarding OUR Social Security Fund.

Bohdan D., Saint Petersburg, FL

Plus interest.

Roger S., Kuna, ID

U.S. Government, find the funds to finance deficit spending someplace other than from the Social Security Fund.

Jerry S., Sarasota, FL

This is our money and should not be tampered with in the first place.  This is not an entitlement!  Congress must pay it back.

Ver Jean S., Excelsior, MN

Congress caused uncontrollable U.S. government debt.  They will ruin Social Security also unless stopped.

Dave R., Dickinson, TX

Excellent plan, and it’s about time Congress does something.

Timothy C., Batavia, OH

I’ve donated to Social Security for over 35 years and will for many more.  To say I’m disappointed to learn that there will be nothing for me upon my retirement is the understatement of the year.  Please prove that you people can come together on this bipartisan emergency.

John P., Hillsboro, OR

I have wanted our government to do something about our Social Security since I was in my 20s.

Carmen R., Lancaster, PA

Hey!  If I run out of money, can I take money from your trust fund to pay?  How has this crime been allowed for so many years?  Enquiring minds want to know.

Susan Y., Alto, NM

It’s our hard-earned money, forcibly taken for our benefit, and we don’t want the government to use it!

Irene and Warren G., Williamstown, PA

Repay our Social Security Trust Fund.

Carmen M., Bakersfield, CA

Social Security is for those who have paid into it their entire working life.  This is their reward for working as hard as they did. Don’t think for a moment that this money is not needed!  Please stop using the fund for “stop gaps” and use it only for Social Security payments to seniors.

Michael B., Terrebonne, OR

Congress, do your job and keep Social Security funded for future generations.  You owe it to all American workers.

Michael R., Takoma Park, MD

This should no longer be an “entitlement” for the government to waste on pet projects.  Support term limits!

Christopher P., South Bend, IN

Stop taking the money out of the Social Security Trust Fund and repay the Trust back.

Kelly A., Cotati, CA

This is a violation of trust by those held to protect our interests.

Michael F., Braintree, MA

That money does not belong to Congress or anybody except the people that paid into it for years.

Freddy H., Pensacola, FL

The government took our hard-earned money.  No one had the right to spend our Social Security.  Pay back every cent you took from it.

Vicki R., Fuquay Varina, NC

Please save Social Security. It was not meant as a tool for parties to use.  It’s meant to protect the people of the country.  Take a step toward this major way of looking at the world and not as a party item, but as an item that is used to protect the people of the U.S.

Nick M., Alexandria, IN

Social Security money should be used only for that purpose and not borrowed for other programs.

Karen S., Broadview Heights, OH

The money in the Trust Fund you are taking is not rightfully yours to take.  I think you should pay it back in full with interest because that is what we as U.S. citizens would have to do if we didn’t pay the government any money owed.  It’s stealing and you should be ashamed.

Kathy B., Schofield, WI

I’m a senior citizen. I worked all my life to retire with Social Security.  I need it to live on.  They live a millionaire life on our money.

Anne D., Saginaw, MI

Our retirement funds are not the government’s petty cash fund.

Barbara B., Chambersburg, PA

Who gave them permission to rob our Social Security Trust Fund?  Yes, repay it.

Nancy G., Bristol, VT

Social Security has nothing to do with the national debt.  It was created as a separate entity.  The cap on Social Security payroll taxes should be lifted to at least $200,000.  That will help out when more people come of age to retire.

Lynda P., Saint Augustine, FL

We have all worked and paid into Social Security.  The funds are ours and not to be squandered and used to fix what Washington has screwed up. Social Security is not an entitlement. We earned every cent to assure us a secure retirement.  Put every dollar back and quit raping our Social Security.

Lorna B., Yuba City, CA

I’ve spent 45 years giving my paycheck to a trust fund, not an entitlement.

Robert A., Topeka, KS

Repay the Trust Fund immediately.  It was never ever supposed to be raided by Congress.

Barbara C., Wrentham, MA

I understand that Congress owes the Social Security Trust Fund $2.85 trillion dollars.  Plans need to be made to repay this debt, then never touch this fund again.  In fact, let it stay and accrue interest in some safe manner.

William H., Dallas, TX

You members of Congress should be working for us to make sure we get a fair shake.  Stop borrowing money that isn’t yours and pay back our money with interest.  You are stealing money that was not allocated for your use and that is a criminal offense in any business.

Lila C., San Antonio, TX

We should charge the politicians that voted to rob Social Security funds so that they don’t do it again.

Jose J., Sacramento, CA

Pay our money back, it’s not yours.  Also put in one half of your salary while you were in office as you only worked half the time.

Dean C., Ipava, IL

Social Security is NOT an entitlement.  You thieves stole this money from the American people.  You must put it back.

David F., Dover, PA

Keep your dirty hands off our hard-earned money.  We earned it, not you!

Julie K., Rockville, IN

The money should be paid back including interest just like any other loan.  And you might consider adding a late fee just like the IRS would do for overdue unpaid taxes!

Donald M., Coatesville, PA

I worked and paid in since I was 16 years old.  Don’t tell me I’m not going to have Social Security and then turn around and steal our money to hand it out to everyone but the ones who earned it.

David H., Grampian, PA

It’s high time that our so-called elected representatives quit raiding our Social Security fund, which we have paid into our entire working lives.  Also, they need to get it into their heads that this is NOT an entitlement program.  Anything you pay for is not an entitlement.

Frank B., Alexandria, IN

Congress, elected officials, stand by your word.

Cynthia, L., Republic, WA

Time to unite: Republicans and Democrats are being divided while the fund is being robbed and paying out to other programs.  This is not an entitlement, but a commitment.  Enough bickering and begin fixing.

Edwin H., Bellville, TX

Glad to finally see some action on citizens’ behalf to get these crooks to repay that money.  They should be ashamed!

Patrick S., Homosassa, FL

It is the Social Security Trust Fund funded by our contributions for our needs when we’re older.  It is neither appropriate nor morally justifiable for Congress to take it for other purposes.

Dotty C., Penobscot, ME

I live on Social Security BELOW THE POVERTY LINE.  Quit robbing me of the little bit I DO have!

Sonja D., McMinnville, OR

I worked hard for decades and so did my late husband, and I want the money back that was stolen from me.

Phyllis H., Marianna, FL

We paid to have a good retirement.  This money was never supposed to be part of the general budget.  Please make it separate from the general budget and repay all money illegally taken.  Make it illegal for any future Congressional body to touch the money for any reason outside the realm of paying seniors their retirement.

John S., Birmingham, AL

It is wrong to spend money from the Social Security Trust Fund.  That is money we paid in from working hard.  Please support us and stop Congress from spending our Trust Fund for other programs now.  Pay this money back immediately.  We intend to make sure you support our efforts here in Georgia.

Kimberly M., Americus, GA

Social Security is for senior citizens that have paid into the Fund.  It was never intended to be a slush fund for others to dip into i.e. “raid.”

Martha A., Aguanga, CA

It is shameful that I should have to sign a petition to have our stolen Social Security money refunded back to We the People who have worked all our working years to pay into this program of savings for our future in our retirement years.

Patricia R., Albany, OR

If you were to eliminate the Cadillac retirement you voted for yourselves and include yourselves in Social Security, you would have it “fixed” before sunset tomorrow.

David N., Sparks, NV

It’s not right that Congress can put their hands on any of the money and leave IOUs in place.  They MUST repay!

Leaholme R., Saint Cloud, FL

Congress had no business taking the money we put into the Social Security fund.  Stop robbing us of our money.  Put back what you so-called borrowed.  No wonder Social Security is shaky.

Marguerite D., Southampton, PA

Yes, we would like the return of our Social Security money that you all borrowed from.  It’s our money, not yours to borrow from.  You have a big retirement fund and we would, too, if you were to give us as taxpayers what we have paid into Social Security.  Give us what we are due because you are stealing it from us.  Pay us, please.

Steven M., Martinsburg, WV

Social Security has been taken out of my paychecks for the past 45 years and is rightfully mine. The Federal government has NEVER contributed any money to the Social Security Trust Fund.  This must be stopped, and the federal government required to repay all money robbed from the Social Security Trust Fund!

Sarah K., Chapin, SC

We demand that Congress stop its grand theft of our Social Security Trust Fund and hold individuals criminally liable for expropriation of those funds throughout the years.

Patrina K., Van Nuys, CA

This was total robbery from the Fund with NO intent to pay it back.

Robert Q., Hartsel, CO

The Social Security Trust Fund must be made whole through repayment of funds borrowed by Congress and previous Presidents.  Then a law must be passed to prohibit any future borrowing.

Sandra F., Bastrop, LA

We the People of the USA put our trust in you when we elected you.  You lied and stole the money we put into an account for our retirement.  So, put it back before you have homeless people living in your yard or entryways or even in your cars.

Tom J., McKinney, TX

Take care of the citizens that put money into this fund instead of welfare.

Mona B., Pawtucket, RI

Dear Lawmakers, please remember you are in Washington because of those of us who voted for you. It is not only your job, but your obligation, to ensure our rights are protected.  Those of us receiving Social Security and Medicare paid for this in every paycheck we earned.

Peggy B., Rowland Heights, CA