“Don’t touch our Social Security!”: seniors sound off on the issues

Here’s what The Seniors Center supporters are saying about the latest in Social Security news:

Will our next COVID-19 stimulus bill include Social Security legislation? Senators Romney and Manchin are asking Congress to consider including their TRUST Act in our upcoming relief package

CONGRESS should pay back all the money they have taken without permission by the people they borrowed it from…Congress should pay it back.

Charity M.

I paid my Social Security for 50 years. Leave my savings alone. It’s my money–along with the Medicare I paid for out of every check and still get charged for every month.

Diana M.

Someone in Congress needs to stand up…to protect the Social Security funds.

Rose P.

There should be a completely independent of Congress oversight agency that takes care of all issues dealing with the administration of Social Security contributions. Greedy politicians need to keep their hands off!

Shirley A.

The best way to save Social Security is to privatize the Fund again and make it untouchable by greedy Congressmen. Also, make Congress repay the funds stolen through discontinuation of their Cadillac retirement and benefits programs. If it’s good enough for us, then it’s good enough for them. I trust Romney about as much as I can throw an elephant 50 feet.

Cheri H.

Our Social Security would have been just fine if Congress members hadn’t used it for their slush fund all the time.

Kay N.

The government has already stolen trillions from our Social Security. It is time to PAY IT BACK!

Denna J.

Someone needs to advise these idiots that Social Security is not their money. It belongs to the U.S. taxpayers who have been paying into it most of their working lives…they need to pay back that which they have stolen in the first place.

James A.

What needs to be done is pay back all–I mean all–the money that was taken out. It is for seniors.

Betty H.

How about just stop raiding Social Security funds for everyone’s pet projects for a start?

Dennis S.

Social Security and Medicare have nothing to do with this pandemic. Romney, SCRAP THIS BILL NOW! Look at what AARP and the Social Security Works have to say. This is another attempt to steal from our Social Security. Remember, Romney, we have long memories and good pens at the ballot box.

Phil B.

The only fix Social Security needs is for them to pay back the money that Congress stole from the fund.

James R.

Don’t touch our Social Security. You already took billions from us. Leave it alone… Don’t take any more of our money!

Janet S.

It doesn’t deal with Covid-19 and the recovery of the economy. Skip it until later, and then push it. Only deal with the stimulus.

Susan Y.

Leave my retirement alone. I paid for my Social Security for 50 years. Congress has already stolen my retirement and now they want the little bit I have left.

Tommie N.

Social Security is not available to anyone except the taxpayers. THIS IS OUR MONEY, NOT THE GOVERNMENT’S.

Vicky M.

Social Security benefit cuts are here–you just haven’t been paying close enough attention to notice

They never returned what they “borrowed “ from it. And it isn’t an entitlement–I paid into this supposed savings since I was 16.

Laura B.

The elderly who depend on Social Security are getting screwed. Why doesn’t someone go back and correct the Social Security benefits owed to existing recipients and pay them what they are truly owed? It is no wonder we have a difficult time paying for our prescriptions and enough food to eat! Everyone out there will be a senior some day (if they are lucky). Wake up and stop this theft!

Pat M.

Social Security controls too much money for those in power to allow it to last. Yell the government to give back the funds they stole from it, and it will be around forever.

Lee G.

There is no such thing as a Social Security surplus. That three trillion dollars should be used for livable income for poor senior citizens. If people are still making $100,000 per year when retired, they do not need Social Security. It could easily be paid back with eliminating warmongering to benefit the rich for five years.

Jon S.

Congress should not be allowed to vote themselves a raise. They should get raises each time seniors’ Social Security gets a COLA raise–at the same rate of Social Security COLA. THAT will deter them from being greedy and will give Social Security a decent rate of COLA!

Shirley R.

Tell your kids to find another way to save for retirement because there will be no Social Security for them. And because of that, they should not be paying into Social Security, and it should be abolished.

Anne B.

The Senate should pass the Social Security Fairness Act Bill now so that President Trump will sign it into law now!

Ken J.

Which one is the real entitlement?

Do you think they take this job because they want to be a public servant? They lie right to your face even before they steal your vote.

Gene B.

We need to roll back their pay and take their pension for funding war with Social Security money.

Lola V.

Welfare politicians. Any time over two terms is too much. They think they own all of the tax money we pay.

Sonny L.

Their attack on American citizens is going to cause their extinction. They’ve had to cheat and lie, create voter suppression and fraud, close polling stations in minority neighborhoods, intimidate voters, and gerrymander just to win an election by the skin of their teeth. Now they want to alienate 65 million Americans by taking away their sole means of support (that they paid for). Just what elections do they think they’ll win if they succeed?

Daniel M.

Scammers threaten Social Security recipients with prison

I have received a lot of calls about my Social Security being suspended. I let them talk through their whole line on how I owe so much. Then I ask, “do your parents know how you are trying to make a living by scamming the elderly?” They always hang up!

Anita K.

I don’t answer my phone if I don’t know who it is. They can leave a message, which they never do.

Bunny M.

We have gotten that scam call several days in a row.

Tommie N.

I only answer calls I recognize!

Darlene P.

I don’t answer my phone unless I know the caller. If it is an important call, they can leave a message.

Joyce W.

I’ll invite them over for tea and promise cash. Then have a BIG, BIG surprise waiting for them. It’ll be fun.

Daniel M.

There’s too many scammers out there. I’m getting scammed every day. This is so ridiculous. I guess nothing better to do. This tells you there aren’t too many people out there working.

Sharon H.

I have gotten one that my Social Security would be suspended. I don’t answer unless I know who it is. Lot of scammers out there.

Sowders C.

Is Social Security-based paid parental leave a good idea?

WHY? Always Social Security. We the People paid into it all our working lives. That’s our money. You politicians want to take it—steal, borrow, and never pay it back. Keep your hands off our money. Politicians, CUT your benefits and just receive Social Security.

Martha A.

This is our money. Keep your greedy hands off. Better yet, all of Congress, take a pay cut yourself. Use it for your pet projects.

Larry M.

Congress needs to pay back the the money they have already stolen.

Maube M.

Social Security is a fund fully supported and funded by folks all their working years! Not for dipping into for everything else!

Deanne W.

Absolutely not. What is wrong with politicians? They think Social Security is a government program for every new policy they come up with. We workers paid for Social Security to have an income when we retire. Leave our money alone!

Jennette S.

When are they going to get it through their greedy, crooked, thieving heads that Social Security is OUR money? NOT theirs! They already owe us over $2 TRILLION! Why are they allowed to keep stealing from us?

Joyce K.

No! Too much has already been stolen from Social Security. Leave it alone! We paid into that and we deserve all of it that’s due us!

Sherry Y.

They can take it from their salaries. They make enough from their CEO masters. We seniors worked our entire lives and paid into Social Security with every paycheck. The government has been stealing from it since before the Reagan era. Pay it back WITH INTEREST. Don’t piss off Seniors–we are worse than pissed off grizzly bears protecting their young.

Deb S.

Leave Social Security ALONE. PAY BACK ALL you have already taken with interest. Let families pay for their children the way we did!

Hilda K.

Leave Social Security alone. We paid into that for years and expect it to be there for us to live on.

Polly J.

No. Social Security is for seniors. You want family leave money? Start your own fund that workers can contribute to.

Lynnda M.

Why not pay for it out of the senators’ retirement funds? That’s all tax-funded.

Larry H.

It’s not your slush fund. It’s a retirement fund that the American workers paid into during their working life. Leave it alone. Tax the corporations and the top 1% correctly and you have what you need for parental leave.

Charles P.

Hell NO! We didn’t pay into Social Security all our working lives so it could be stolen to pay for family leave because the government is too tight-fisted to fund it and is trying to defund the Social Security Trust Fund.

Denise H.

No, it is NOT a good idea to take the money out of Social Security. This should be a completely separate program if it is to be enacted at all. Social Security is not their money to do with as they wish. It has been “raided” by just about every administration since it was enacted and it was the biggest mistake in the world to put it within the grasp of Congress–both Republicans AND Democrats! First of all, all money “borrowed” (actually spelled S-T-O-L-E-N) should be PAID BACK. And then it should be set up in such a way that no administration would be able to “borrow” (S-T-E-A-L) from it again.

Joyce H.

Let the senators pay for it out of their retirement fund. They can steal it from their own funds.

Lewayne J.

Won’t fly. I don’t think they have votes for this at anytime. Senators and representatives know what strength and voting power seniors have. The president will veto any bill with this amendment in it.

Dave B.

Better leave our Social Security alone. We worked and paid into it every pay period. Leave it alone!

Joy G.

Who do the Senators think parents need to take Social Security from us for leave now? No one worried about us if we had to take leave! We had to do without. Stop making everything easy by making Seniors pay for it! The government worries too much about these last two generations! Let them figure things out for themselves. No wonder they are so spoiled! They act as if they are in the roots and have fits every time they don’t get their way! We all had to learn how to make it work–let them! Congress has cheated the old people out of a lot of their money anyway! Wake up government. One day you’ll be in this position, and we’ll see how you like it!

Carol O.

It’s not the government’s money. Stealing tax money in our government has become the norm. Take money from Congress and senators’ retirement fund.

Gary W.

Seniors are already living in poverty. Now they want to take what little we do have.

Tommie N.

How about paying for it with the outrageous pay and benefits that the Congress and Senate receives?

Dennis C.

Why did I pay into this fund for years? So that my government could use it as a slush fund? And what happens when the money runs out? What about all the people who paid into it, like my late husband, and didn’t live to collect a penny from it? The government owes it billions of dollars they have stolen over the years and now they want to give more away when they already tell us it will run out in a few years.

Hilda S.

NO, NO, NO, NO. That is not what it is for. So many seniors need help, but they take it away from us, give it away, and never give it back to us. They are trying to steal our money when so many of us really need help. We need to pay medical bills and some need to pay rent and prescriptions. Some seniors go without because there’s not enough money to go around and get food also.

Betty H.

All I know is my Social Security has been changed from when I started working. I was once able to retire at 65, and now the government extended my retirement to 67. I was never asked! Was anyone else?

Sandra H.

Social Security is not a fund to be dipped into because that would be stealing from the people who pay into to it. It is not a slush fund. Let them dip into their retirement fund.

Alice V.

No, let them start a parental leave fund just like Social Security was started!

Judy G.

Doesn’t make sense to me. We saved up for these things, so stop now. Leave Social Security alone!

Rita H.

Who do they think they are? I call that stealing! Leave what we have earned alone.

Carolyn S.

NO. Our Social Security funds do not belong to the government. Period. Let us use the funds for Congress’ paychecks to pay for parental leave. They don’t do anything constructive anyway.

Denna J.

This is not government money. It belongs to the people who have paid into it. It is stealing from the people.

Norma C.

Hopefully they won’t be there to vote on it or won’t have the power to actually do anything about it.

Kathleen F.

No, it’s for the people who pay into it. Income tax is for all the other programs Congress comes up with.

Daniel Y.

No. Social security is a retirement fund we pay into all the years we work and is to be used for our retirement only. NOTHING ELSE!

Donna R.

It is not their money to use for anything. It is property of the people who paid into it for our retirement. LEAVE IT ALONE!

Patricia M.

Why in the hell can they not use Congress’ pension funds or part of their pay? They’re overpaid for what they do. If there is so much money in Social Security, give us a better pay raise, the damn idiots.

Gerald G.

This is what happens when you vote against your best interest. Keep you hands off. Instead of taking money to buy our vote, do what’s best for the people you were hired to represent. Not yourself and billionaires!

Dan H.

No. I wish that everyone in Washington would stay out of mine and all senior citizens’ money that we worked hard for.

Virginia J.

Hands off!: seniors say NO to the raid on Social Security

Social Security is not Congress’ money. But Congress needs to be audited for the windfall law that was put into law to legally take money that we paid and our employers paid. This is a hefty amount. We need to recind this law. And take Congress’ pensions and salary to pay it back. This shows how smart people are when it comes to voting.

Pam A.

Cut their pensions to pay what they owe us.

Cathy B.

It’s time regular Americans put their foot down! Enough is enough!

Loren S.

It is stealing. Pure and simple theft.

Eric S.

So now they are going on recess on our dime? America is in crisis. Shame on both parties. Do your job. Give us what we need to thrive. Using the virus to break our spirit and divide us is criminal. Look toward us instead of the inept leader whose answer is war on our citizens. Wake up.

Susan F.

No more raises for Congress! Use that money to start paying back Social Security until it is paid back! It’s not their money. It’s for citizens who diligently paid into it ONLY!

Joyce F.

The ONLY fairness would be for the feds to restore the THREE TRILLION DOLLARS that has been stolen from the Trust Funds. I know we have the money. In the past four months more than THREE TRILLION has already been paid out to the so-called virus-related expenses.

Bingham L.

They get it the rest of their lives. Who gets that from an elected job? Besides the three branches of government top officials.

Rhonda M.

They should make the government pay back every cent they borrowed for wars and put in a strong law stating that no group can ever take money from this Trust again.

Betty B.

Thieves, all of them! Taking and stealing all the money the people work for. They won’t spend what they stole in their lifetime. So fricking sad!

Kathryn W.

Senate plan “dips into” Social Security Trust Fund to pay for parental leave

Senator Rubio: leave our Social Security alone. We work for our money. They can pay for it or not get pregnant. They done took from us and not paid back. Leave it alone.

Katie P.

Take it from the Senate and Congress’ pension funds!

Angie T.

So much is going unnoticed under cover of the Coronavirus. I don’t need 10 talking heads to weigh in on every detail of the virus. Give us ALL the news. This money should NOT be taken from Social Security. So few people will have pensions of any significance when they retire. All have paid into this fund for retirement benefits. I am opposed to using it for this.

Susan F.

What is this parental leave? That’s my retirement money I trusted the government to keep until I retired. Plus what my employer put in, plus interest. I paid into Social Security when I was 15 years old and retired 50 years later, and these crooks want to steal it from me. If they need it, take it out of their pockets. NOT MINE!

Lyle G.

They need to keep their dirty fingers out of Social Security. Let them take it out of their retirement funds if they’d like. They’ve done it too many times already. That’s why Social Security is in trouble.

Carole B.

Why don’t they dip into the politicians’ health care coffers to pay for it? Lord knows there’s plenty of money there!

David J.

Do those stupid politicians not realize that is our money? We worked hard to make this happen. Keep your hands off of our money!

Bob and Bonnie L.

All we have heard for years is that Social Security is running out of money. Now they want it to run dry even faster? That money doesn’t belong to Congress. It belongs to those that worked for it for years and years!

Carol H.

We seniors must continue to call out these CROOKS who want to STEAL OUR money that we and our employers have paid into for years! Marco Rubio has already proven to be a part of “the Swamp.”

Lillian D.

ABSOLUTELY NOT. That money belongs to ALL THE HARD-WORKING citizens who had a portion of their weekly/monthly pay taken and deposited into the Social Security fund. OUR CONGRESS SHOULD NOT BE ALLOWED TO CHANNEL THISE FUNDS TO ANYONE!

Lynne C.

The “payroll tax” they want to cancel is the money paid into Social Security and Medicare. It will benefit big business the most because they pay half of the Social Security amount. Without the “tax,” there is no Social Security.

Charlotte B.


Robbie B.

This is just wrong in so many ways. We had little to nothing when we had three kids and didn’t need government paid family leave. If you can’t have children without the government giving you money, maybe you should rethink your decision.


Those “senators” don’t deserve the name–more like violators who destroy the lives of those who made a lifelong CONTRACT with America to provide for them when they retire. Remember, IT’S a CONTRACT. We paid in for all those years and the GOVERNMENT said, “it will provide an amount proportional to what we paid in.” Politicians are all for honoring the contracts they make with the government–like how much they get paid and their Cadillac healthcare plans. How about we say, “oh! You don’t get paid that anymore–here’s $7.50 per hour.” See how fast they’d scream to high heavens.

Mike S.