Social Security Checks Could Be Delayed by Debt Ceiling Standoff

social security and debt ceiling

The deadline is coming up: if lawmakers don’t reach a consensus on how to handle the debt ceiling, Social Security checks could be impacted. While Social Security hasn’t missed a payment in its history, Congress’s actions could change that.

According to Jessica Dickler at CNBC, the country could be just weeks away from default. This would mean that the U.S. credit rating could go down, impacting borrowers across the country. And seniors have a right to be concerned. Older Americans have worked hard for their benefits. Going a month or more without a payment would be devastating.

At The Seniors Center, we want seniors to be able to depend on Social Security, even as the debate about the debt ceiling rages on. That’s why we’re calling on Congress to take action to protect this important program. Add your voice today by signing one of our petitions or contacting your representatives.

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