New Social Security Benefits Statement Represents a Change to the Program

social security earnings statement

One oft-overlooked resource that Social Security beneficiaries have at their disposal? Their online benefits statement. This resource is available online and has recently gone through a redesign to be easier to read and to use.

According to AARP, this redesign aims to make Social Security less opaque. Acting Social Security Administration commissioner Kilolo Kijakazi has been quoted as saying that the new design will make it easier to “provide information to people in clear and plain terms about Social Security’s programs and services.” If you’d like to take a look at your Social Security benefits statement, log onto your My Social Security account today.

While a Social Security benefits statement redesign is a much-needed overhaul that will make accessing information easier for many Americans, it’s not the only change that Social Security needs. The Seniors Center is calling for more drastic changes. We’re asking Congress to protect the Social Security trust fund for years to come. Seniors deserve everything they’ve worked for, and it’s time for Washington to pay attention.

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