Do You Know How Much the Average Social Security Check Is?

social security statements

Social Security is a complicated program. The amount that beneficiaries receive each month is based on their average wages over the course of their working life as well as factors like retirement age. According to, the average Social Security check in January of 2023 was $1,688.69.

The amount that an individual receives can also depend on what kind of benefits they are qualified for. For example, those who receive spousal benefits after the death of their partner may qualify for a higher average monthly payout. Additionally, those who receive disability benefits or Supplemental Security Income (SSI) qualify for a higher average amount than those who are receiving retirement benefits.

Millions of Americans rely on Social Security payments to cover their basic needs. At The Seniors Center, we’re calling on Congress to secure the future of this important program. Read more about our plan to fix Social Security solvency today—and if you haven’t yet, follow us on Twitter and Facebook so you never miss a post.