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Don’t Ignore These Early Warning Signs of Dementia

early warning signs dementia

Dementia is a progressive brain disorder, typically affecting seniors, that can lead to a severe decline in functioning and quality of life. Unfortunately, early warning signs are often overlooked or mistaken for typical age-related changes. It is important to be able to recognize early warning signs of dementia so that you can seek early intervention and treatment for yourself or a loved one if needed.

AARP reports that some of the most common early warning signs of dementia include:

  • Difficulty with daily tasks – This might look like having difficulty with tasks and responsibilities that were once easy to complete, such as paying bills or managing medications.
  • Trouble finding words – People with early dementia may have difficulty finding words when speaking or writing. This can manifest as frequent pauses in conversation, changes in word choice, or the use of incorrect words.
  • Difficulties with time and place – People with early dementia may have trouble understanding time, such as remembering the day of the week or where they are.
  • Changes in personality – Early dementia is often associated with changes in mood, personality, and behavior. This can include increased aggression, suspicion of others, social withdrawal, apathy, or changes in sleep patterns.

If you or a loved one is experiencing early warning signs of dementia, it may be time to seek medical advice from a doctor. Early diagnosis and treatment can help slow the progression of the disease. They can also allow for continued engagement in meaningful activities.

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