If You Need a Moment of Peace, Try These Self-Care Tips

Burnout. It’s a feeling that we all too often experience but don’t know how to tackle. If you need some time away from everyday stressors and a moment of peace, self-care can be the answer.

Self-care is an important part of keeping your mental and physical health in check. It includes any activity that you do intentionally to care for your mental, emotional and physical well-being. Whether it’s taking a hot bath or scheduling time to meditate, self-care is an important part of taking time for yourself.

Our self-care tips for seniors include:

  • A peaceful morning routine – Get some movement in, practice meditation, or read a book
  • Make rest a priority – Don’t wait until exhaustion to get the rest you need
  • Eat foods that make you feel good – Stick with nutritious options that make you feel energized
  • Improve your sleep hygiene – Try to stick to a regular sleep schedule, avoiding caffeine and screens before bedtime

Whether you’re looking for a few moments of peace or need to take your stress levels down a notch, self-care can help. The Seniors Center is here to help retirees enjoy their golden years to the fullest—follow us on Twitter and Facebook for more ideas!