40% of Americans Take Early Retirement—But Not by Choice

early retirement

More and more Americans are being forced to retire early due to health issues or job layoffs. In fact, according to a recent study from Edward Jones, approximately 40 percent of Americans have been forced into an unwanted retirement before they planned for it.

These unexpected changes can be tough for retirees. For those whose retirement was unexpected, coming up with a plan is critical. Many retirees find themselves needing to adjust their lifestyle in order to make ends meet, and this means carefully managing retirement resources. To ensure financial security in retirement, it’s important for Americans to create a plan that works with their unique needs and circumstances.

It’s also essential for retirees to stay informed about the current state of the economy and the markets. With economic fluctuations affecting retirement accounts, it’s important to stay abreast of changing financial policies and market news. Having a good understanding of the current financial landscape can help retirees make informed decisions about their investments.

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