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The Seniors Center Blog: here’s how seniors can protect their identities and their Social Security after the Equifax breach

We don’t want to make you panic, but it is extremely important that seniors–and especially Social Security beneficiaries and Medicare recipients–keep a watchful eye over all matters financial over the next several months, and perhaps well into the future.

Older Americans have always been especially vulnerable to identity thieves, but even more so after the massive breach that released half the country’s Social Security numbers and related information.

We want to make sure all of our followers, supporters, and friends stay safe and are aware of their options for protection while the country sorts this mess out.

Head on over to The Seniors Center Blog to find out what you can do to protect yourself, your finances, and your Social Security.


How can I protect my Social Security number?

The Seniors Center Blog: White House official says government is considering dropping the Social Security number for personal identification

White House Cybersecurity Coordinator and advisor Rob Joyce is among a growing number of government officials calling for a smarter modern way to identify American citizens and consumers–preferrably one that doesn’t jeopardize our financial security every time we use it. Though the Social Security number was never originally intended to be a universal identifier for… Continue Reading

Avoiding the Neighbor Spoofing Scam

It may look like your neighbor is calling.  But actually, it’s a stranger trying to get your personal information.  The Seniors Center Blog has a scary story about the latest scam targeting Senior Citizens.  The best way to avoid it?  Hang up. Neighbor Spoofing is the latest Scam to Target Senior Citizens Continue Reading