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The Seniors Center introduces in this morning’s press release

This morning, The Seniors Center officially introduced as part of our ongoing efforts to inform American seniors and help them protect their financial health.

Senior financial fraud is a problem that only seems to be getting worse with time.  In many ways, law enforcement, seniors advocacy groups, and financial institutions are only just beginning to recognize the extensive reach of this fraud and develop strategies to combat the scammers and keep seniors safe.

It’s estimated senior financial abuse victims lose as much as $30,000 to scam artists.  This is particularly devastating to the majority of seniors relying mostly or totally on low Social Security payments to get by.

In fighting to protect Social Security from the “borrow”-and-spend crowd in Washington, it’s also important we address a steadily worsening raid on benefits from another source: senior scammers.

To read the full press release and statements from our President, Dan Perrin, click right here.

And to learn more about senior financial abuse, how to recognize it, and what you can do to stop it, check out The Seniors Center Blog.


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