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“Guardians” Seize Assets, Force Retired People Into Assisted Living

Worried Older Couple
Professional “Guardians” are having Seniors Declared Incompetent and seizing control of their assets.

Over at The Seniors Center Blog, we’re talking about a shocking exposé in The New Yorker.  Senior Citizens in Nevada are being declared incompetent to take care of themselves by unscrupulous “Guardians,” being moved into assisted living, and having their assets sold at estate sales.

The Seniors Center introduces in this morning’s press release

This morning, The Seniors Center officially introduced as part of our ongoing efforts to inform American seniors and help them protect their financial health. Senior financial fraud is a problem that only seems to be getting worse with time.  In many ways, law enforcement, seniors advocacy groups, and financial institutions are only just beginning… Continue Reading

The Seniors Center Blog: when should I give someone my Social Security number?

There’s been a lot of talk about privacy, financial security, and Social Security numbers lately–and with good reason. Though it was by no means the first of such breaches, the massive data leak at Equifax over the summer shoved the worsening issue of identity theft and cyber crime into the spotlight.  Many Americans who previously… Continue Reading

The Seniors Center Blog: senior scammers steal over $36 billion each year

If you ever thought the term “silent epidemic” was a little overkill: it’s not. That’s the term financial experts and seniors advocates use when they talk about the ever-increasing problem of senior financial exploitation.  “Silent” because it often goes unreported, unrecognized, and ignored, and “epidemic” because reports in recent years are showing thieves are making… Continue Reading

The Seniors Center Blog: The CDC formally dubs senior financial abuse a public health concern

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is world-renowned for its research and efforts fighting the spread of infectious disease at home and abroad. And although most of us probably associate the organization with the containment and eradication of dangerous bacteria and viruses, its reach goes much farther than keeping coughs, sniffles, and high… Continue Reading