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The Seniors Center President Dan Perrin Answers On Quora

Cartoon: Empty Social Security Vault
The Social Security Trust Fund is empty.

Where Did All The Social Security Trust Fund Money Go? Asks the questioner on Quora.  The Seniors Center President Dan Perrin answers with the sad truth “When Congress saw that big pot of money in the Social Security Trust Fund, they got greedy and couldn’t keep their hands off of it. They spent every last dime…and replaced it with a filing cabinet full of IOU’s.”

Dan Perrin answers questions from the public on Quora.  He is the information-sharing site’s #1 ranked writer on both Government and Social Security.


The Seniors Center announces Dan Perrin Most Viewed Writer in Social Security on Quora in this morning’s news release

This morning, The Seniors Center was delighted to announce President Dan Perrin has reached the #1 spot on Most Viewed Writers on Quora in Social Security and Government with over 353,000 views. Dan has been hard at work answering YOUR questions about your Social Security benefits and offering his thoughts about current Social Security policy… Continue Reading

Dan Perrin Tops Social Security & Government Expert Lists at Quora

The Seniors Center President Dan Perrin has been ranked the most-read expert on both Social Security and Government by the information sharing platform Quora. Perrin has answered questions from the public on Quora since August of 2017 and has attracted a following that reaches in the hundreds of thousands. Quora experts include politicians (including Barak Obama… Continue Reading