The Seniors Center announces 329,000 signatures to protect Social Security–and counting!

We’re well on our way!

Today The Seniors Center announced our Trust Fund Emergency Petition to Congress demanding an end to the spending of our Social Security savings has reached 329,710 signatures–just a matter of days away from a whopping 330,000!

Since just September, almost 330,000 of our good friends, supporters, and champions of Social Security across the country have rallied together to make this one of our most successful petition campaigns ever.

Not only does each and every one of your signatures represent your commitment to building a long-lasting, protected, and fair Trust Fund for every American retiree, but it also represents your expectation that Congress demonstrates that same commitment to those who worked hard to earn a secure retirement.

Someone on Capitol Hill is gonna have a whole lot of names to look through…

All of us here at The Seniors Center congratulate YOU for reaching such a huge goal, and sincerely thank you for all of your continued support.  We couldn’t have reached so many seniors and concerned Americans without your shares, your comments, and your participation.

You can read our President Dan Perrin’s comments in our latest press release below.  And don’t forget!  We’re working toward ONE MILLION signatures, so we hope you’ll stick with us and continue to help us spread the word about protecting our retirement benefits.

The Seniors Center announces 329,000 petition signatures and counting! Click on the image to view today’s full news release and statements from The Seniors Center President Dan Perrin.