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The Seniors Center supporters say NO! to 23% benefit cuts in a new survey

In this afternoon’s news release, The Seniors Center announced the results of our latest nationwide survey.

We asked seniors across the country about their concerns for the future of the Social Security program and their benefits and what legislative actions they’d like to see Congress undertake to get our beloved and critically important retirement program back on the right track.

The results were overwhelming to say the least.

To view today’s full press release, as well as statements from The Seniors Center President Dan Perrin, click right here.

Working Together to Save Our Social Security Trust Fund

Nearly 350,000 people have signed The Seniors Center Petition to stop the raid on the Social Security Trust Fund.  And that’s just the beginning of this amazing grassroots campaign that has brought together senior citizens from every Congressional district in America.  We’re speaking with one voice.  Senior Citizens are making it clear to Congress: It’s… Continue Reading

The Seniors Center funds the Federal Debt Default Clock to educate the public and call on Congress to spend responsibly

In this evening’s news release, The Seniors Center unveiled the Federal Debt Default Clock, created by a Review Committee of policy and financial experts and The Seniors Center President Dan Perrin to open the public’s eyes about our current federal financial situation. The Federal Debt Default Clock measures ten key budgetary and financial features to… Continue Reading

The Seniors Center announces 329,000 signatures to protect Social Security–and counting!

We’re well on our way! Today The Seniors Center announced our Trust Fund Emergency Petition to Congress demanding an end to the spending of our Social Security savings has reached 329,710 signatures–just a matter of days away from a whopping 330,000! Since just September, almost 330,000 of our good friends, supporters, and champions of Social… Continue Reading

Kentucky lawyer pulls off $550 million disability con–the largest Social Security fraud in U.S. history

Kentucky lawyer pulls off 0 million disability con–the largest Social Security fraud in U.S. history In 2010, small town Kentucky lawyer Eric Conn was the third-highest-earning disability lawyer in the United States, winning $3.9 million for his clients in their disability claims against the Social Security Administration. By all appearances, Conn was a virtuoso. He… Continue Reading