What’s the Largest Social Security Benefit in 2024? (Ages 62, 70, and more)

For some people, their goal is to get the largest Social Security benefit possible. But what exactly would this number be in 2024?

As we’ve discussed, benefit amounts can vary from person to person. They depend on work history and other factors, especially claiming age. The latter is a very important point for retirees to consider.

The Motley Fool has outlined some figures that any senior can find handy. Their chart details the max benefits possible this year. For those who claim at 62 as soon as they are eligible, they can get as much as $2,710. For those who wait until 70, their max is $4,873.

These numbers are on the very high end of the spectrum, so don’t fret if yours don’t match. Did you think these numbers would be what they are? Did you expect them to be higher, or lower? Let us know.