373,000 Seniors Petition Congress to Repay Our Trust Fund

We’re well on our way!

In a news release this morning, we announced a new milestone: we’re now at 373,000 signatures on our Trust Fund Emergency Petition to Congress!

In fact, just this month alone, 1,712 seniors, beneficiaries, and concerned Americans added their names and declared their support for finally repaying and protecting Social Security for retirees.

In addition, our supporters have added over 3,000 comments: their personal Social Security stories, calls to Congress to secure the Trust Fund, passionate statements about the significance of Social Security AND the hard work done to earn it, and of course, uplifting and extremely appreciated encouragement toward The Seniors Center and our mission.

We invite everyone to click the link below and check out our full release, which includes The Seniors Center President Dan Perrin’s thoughts on hitting this awesome milestone.

If you haven’t yet added your signature to the Trust Fund Emergency Petition to Congress, please click right here to take a look.

And for our friends who have already signed and shown their support, thank you from the bottom of our hearts!