American Airlines Shrinks Seats & Bathrooms. Senior Citizens are Outraged.

The Seniors Center has been warning senior citizens to avoid American Airlines since early 2018. As American Airlines has seen its stock price drop, the airline has tried to prop up profits by installing smaller bathrooms, smaller seats, and squeezing even more people into the same 737 airplanes.

As passengers are being forced so sit still in confined space without room to move their legs or even shift in their seats, health experts are warning of increasing risk of Deep vein thrombosis (DVT) and other health problems. Safety experts are questioning the ability of passengers to evacuate the airplanes in case of emergency and even American Airlines’ own pilots and flight attendants worry that the small bathrooms  are causing problems for older people, the disabled, and people carrying a little bit of extra weight.

Senior Citizens are speaking out about American Airlines.  The Seniors Center has gathered some of their comments:

“Just don’t fly American Airlines. If people boycott the airline because they have unconformable seating and poor overall service, maybe they will get the message and change the seating back to a comfortable level. If people continue to use the airline, they will probably leave the seating the way it is. You have to make demands for decent service with some providers.” – Linda S., Wasilla, Alaska

“Why they can’t make money with sardine packed airplanes, is beyond me. The old models like TWA and a few others didn’t have that problem. Too top heavy in the management department?” – Delbert G, Gillette, Wyoming

“Consequences.” – Clara T.

“Not only seniors. They have gone too far. It will cost them” – Bonnie T, Denver, Colorado

“Flew American Airlines last month. Horrible! Last time for sure!” – Pam W.

“I will not fly this greedy airline” – Gary K.

“Strapping people in like they are astronauts!!!” – Judith W.

“Do not fly American Airlines. I use a walker and they were not happy to see it at all. Could not sit comfortably, the handicap bathroom was difficult to use AND I am only 5 foot tall and I could not bend over without hitting my head on the back of the seat in front of it. I realize their prices are good, but they are not friendly to seniors, mind you I am 72 years old.” – Barbara K., Minneapolis, Minnesota

“Greed and profits all that matters” – Donna H.

“Yep flying is no longer fun or friendly. Only a moneymaker for the airlines!” – Laura A.

“You only need one reason. It’s a lousy company!!” – Barbara M., Wexford, Pennsylvania

“I think airlines are like a dictatorship. No more flying for me.” – Pat D.

“When they obviously don’t care about us, we shouldn’t give our money to them. I won’t be flying American Airlines and I’ll be telling anyone who asks not to fly American Airlines. – Marjorie K.

“Thank you, I am a senior now and avoid American Airlines. No more crap.” – Nick B.

“Seats are smaller so they can get more people on board, service sucks, you get one free soft drink and a bag of nuts, I remember having a real meal and being able to stretch out some, and you could fly from N.Y. to L.A. in one plane without a stop over anywhere, and the prices are just ridiculous for what you have to put up with” – John E., Tulsa, Oklahoma

“Don’t fly American Airlines.” – Steve M., Chaska, Minnesota

“Miserable.” – Clara T.

“Flew American Airlines last month. Never again. Ugh!” – Pam W.

“The airlines don’t care. They would like it better if they could treat all customers like baggage.” – Mark C.

“Anything to make a dollar” – Vicki L.

“I don’t fly American Airlines either” – Ann P.

“Never fly American Airlines again” – Patrick M.

“Stay home and put them out of business!” – Debbie H., Los Ranchos de Albuquerque, New Mexico

“One flight, worst experience ever, never American Airlines again.” – Carol P.

“How do they stay in business if everybody is not flying with them.. somebody is? Glad I don’t have to fly.” – AJ R., Shelby, Ohio

“Did you hear that American Airlines (AA) has changed its name to American Scare (AS) Lines?” – Frederick M., Hampstead, North Carolina

“With a government that only supports big companies like American Airlines they have no incentive to be ethical, honorable or decent. Business as usual, thank the current president and his legislative gang.” – Barbara M., Wexford, Pennsylvania

“American Airlines sucks” – Michael G.

“I was on an American Airlines flight yesterday and I looked at the safety card and the way they depicted the brace position is no longer possible with the seats so close together. I’d estimate that only someone under 5 feet tall could do it. I don’t know why the FAA is allowing this.” – Joe C.

“I will never fly on American Airlines” – Chris D.

“I will not fly American Airlines” – Donna H., Monmouth Junction, New Jersey

“Not flying American Airlines again!” – Marjorie K.

“I refuse to fly American. I am a Human being not an animal.” Barbara K., Comanche, Oklahoma

“Smaller compartments, smaller bath rooms, less room between the seats, extra charges if you need to check luggage…. They can disagree all they want. They’re going to put themselves out of business.” – Clarissa S.

“I will not fly American Airlines. Unless you must fly this carrier you should boycott them. The only thing they understand is the bottom line.” – Lorraine P.

“We had a trip booked last year and there was a hurricane, they said we had to be physically sick for a refund. I said if I have to sleep in the airport for 3 days, I will be physically sick. They gave me an option to fly within 200 miles of our location, which would have still been in the path of the hurricane or in the middle of the ocean.” – Liz R.

“These are the reasons I will not fly American Airlines. I am not cattle to be loaded up in a space not fit for animals, the ridiculous toilet, and the horrific charges to have your body insulted by the seats. We are human beings. Boycott is the only recourse for this obscenity of an airline.” – Leslie P., Mesa, Arizona

“Ridiculous” – Janine G.

“I hate American and United both peas in a pod! Greedy beyond belief” – Jack C.

“Don’t fly American Airlines as they do not care about their passengers.” – Ellen B.

“People need to boycott that crappy American Airlines” – Lori W, Saint Paul, Minnesota

“Remember when flying was fun? Remember getting actual food in coach, and leg room? Today they have a lot less leg room, more seats and nothing to eat, it’s like you’re in a sardine can flying through the air and you’re not sure if it’s going to make it” – John E., Tulsa, Oklahoma

“American Airlines sucks” – Jean J., Collinsville, Texas

“Fly Delta. They are great and believe in helping their customers. I only fly Delta and they are first in customer service.” – Randa R., Boise, Idaho

“I only fly Southwest and Jetblue.” – Deb P.

“American Airlines is my last resort airline. I find myself just driving rather than subjecting myself to the American Airlines treatment these days. They were once my favorite airline.” – Joe C.

“Seats look like crap I wouldn’t fit in one of them on a good day” – Larry L.

“Don’t fly American Airlines” – Ellen B.

“Seats look like a saddle! Not comfortable.!! Squished! Tight!! I will not fly with them!! Too claustrophobic for me! And I’m a senior too! I fly Jet Blue!” – Rochelle C.

“I hate American Airlines their seats are so cramped and us senior citizens need to get up and walk around frequently and don’t forget about our bathroom needs… and United Air isn’t much better , these airlines are just too greedy” – Jack C.

“They have made it so uncomfortable I don’t fly anymore” – Connie R.

“I understand that American Airlines has branding irons at the ready to ride the herd in these new cattle cars.” – Frederick M.

“I will not fly American Airlines. I am tall.  American Airlines is too dangerous for my knees” – Leslie P.

“Greedy bastards” – Larry H.

“Deplorable” – Clara T.

“They are horrible, would never fly with them” – Molly J.

“And because the air lines have become a monopoly , the people have very little choose who there going to fly on.” – Tim P., Perry Michigan

“Horrible. What are seniors to do?” – Rosemary S.

“Why…. so stupid. They are not making more, but losing business.” – Bonnie T., Denver, Colorado

“We will not fly American. When we travel, we avoid that airline, even if alternatives cost more. Screw Them.” – Chris D.

“What next? Motorcycle seats that can hold 6-8 front to back? Don’t fly American Airlines” – Louis L.

“Quit complaining! Do not fly American Airlines! Problem solved!” – Lanny B.

“I won’t be flying on their airplanes anymore. I’m done with them.” – Lindsey B.

“American Airlines sucks!” – Lori W.

“As a senior will never fly American Airlines, just flew Southwest, always do!” – Linda C., Oak Forest, Illinois

“Never!” – Joyce Merrill

“I love the way the airlines say their priority is safety. Nobody is getting out of seats like these quickly — emergency or not” – Janet F., Brooklyn, New York

“That will bite them in the ass” – Robert G., Du Quoin, Illinois

“If it’s American Airlines, it’s crap!’” – Joseph I.

“Next, they will bundle us up like burritos” – Martha L., Hamburg, Michigan

“Don’t care about passenger comfort!” – Tim P.

“Ridiculous” – Kathy K, Brooklyn, New York

“Only in America! People get bigger seats get smaller. Great business thinking!” – Barbara M

“Maybe we should all stop flying for awhile. I don’t think I will ever fly again.” – Nancy J., Ferndale, Michigan

“Simple solution: Don’t fly American Airlines.” – Kathie D., Upton Wyoming

“American Airlines will continue to do what they need to do for a profit. Don’t fly American Airlines” – Kathy M., Tallahassee, Florida

“Seniors should boycott American Airlines. They don’t care about us, just our fare amount.” – Leslie P.

American Airlines bathroon
American Airlines’ new bathrooms are only 24 inches wide.

“Just don’t fly with them. Take the train. Find any other way to travel.” – Maria B., Austin Texas

“I hate American Airlines they are so greedy!!!” – Jack C.

“Boycott them. They only care about money.” – Larry K.

“My husband fell at work two days after I purchased tickets. Would not give a refund for this emergency. Gave a credit but not for the seats purchased. This happened in July, husband will be laid up for another 4 months. I was told no one in the company could issue a refund. I have to use the credit, after that will never fly American Airlines again.” – Grace S., North Las Vegas, Nevada

“Have not flown American Airlines for over 35 years. Really disliked them before and they are getting worse. Increasing prices, crappy service, rude employees, lost luggage and uncomfortable traveling accommodations. They are horrible, and really need to go out of business. – Barbara K.

“Don’t fly American Airlines as they do not care about your comfort and safety. Choose an airline with larger seats, more leg room and decent size bathrooms.” – Ellen B.

“I am somewhat tall, but can’t imagine how a 6 foot man could sit in those ridiculous seats! I remember when flying was fun” – Jean R.

“I’m 6’5”. A Senior with a touch of arthritis. I cannot sit in a cramped seat for more than a short period of time. I’d fly more if it were a more comfortable experience.” – Cincinnatus R.

“The best airlines I found for seniors and everyone is Delta!!! They are fun friendly people!! United … Southwest… and American Airlines ….suck!” – Michelle B.

“Not really unfriendly! It’s just that us seniors don’t take to being sardine canned easily. They’re trying to cram as many bodies on the plane as they can, and it leads to some contortions in order to get in and out of the seats, let alone remain motionless in those seats, and most seniors aren’t that supple. On top of having physical issues that come with age, requiring an easy access to the lavatory.” – Delbert G.

“Twisted my knee getting in and out of the middle seat-just not enough room! Still dealing with that knee 6 months later!” – Pamela J., Stamping Ground, Kentucky

“Flying has become a miserable experience and it doesn’t need to be. Fly with airlines that treat all passengers as people.” – Lorraine P.

“We can certainly fix that! We won’t fly American Airlines anymore! See? Fixed!” – Sandy V.

“That is one of the reasons I switched to trains. Easy, more room, and definitely not cramped.” – Janice F.

“I know I won’t be flying with them” – Cindy G.

“Always avoid American Airlines and United airlines!” – David A., Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

“Yea and unless it hurts business all the others will do this too” – Bonnie T.

“Like everything else these days greed is the way” – Glenda M.

“This is insane!!! Don’t fly with American Airlines on any given day” – Janet S.

“American Airlines isn’t the only airline, so?” – Robbie H., Asheville, North Carolina

“We would assume the parents, relatives of the genius who thought of this idea fly 1st class.” – Louis G.

“Boycott American Airlines” – David E.

“Don’t use American Airlines, simple” – Kay J.

“Not flying” – Nestor G., Miami, Florida

“I hate American airlines they are so greedy they definitely are not American!!!” – Jack C.

“This is what we get after we, the taxpayers bailed them out after 9/11.” – Wynn S., Cresskill, New Jersey

“Just don’t fly anymore, travel by train?” – Maria B., Austin, Texas

“Your time will be here sooner than you think…getting home with a broken arm…take the train” – Bonnie T., Denver, Colorado

“At least you can get up and stretch more on a train. And the ride is more comfortable.” – Linda C.

“Stupidity and greed not safety and passenger comfort” – Ben O.

“Not senior abuse…people abuse. People are getting larger, not smaller…what about an average sized man? …nope, this is outrageous. The government needs to step in” – Bonnie T., Denver, Colorado

“Wrong , don’t want to fly, for sure….they are greedy……” Diane P., Thomasville, North Carolina

“It’s called greed” – Vahid Z.

“Airplanes are being influenced by millennials (under 35 years old and under 150#). Anymore cuts in design and 12 year olds will be the oldest passengers that can fit..” – Nick B.

“Sounds like it’s time for somebody out in California to Sue the crap out of them over their crappers” – Bryan C.

“American Airlines, The poster “boy” for corporate treatment of customers, and not only seniors.” – Barbara M.

“This is absurd, we are human beings, not livestock! How dare they do this and make a profit off us! No more flying American Airlines!!!” – Leslie P.

“Don’t fly American Airlines if you object. I would not use them” – Kathi E., Hillsboro, Oregon

“Reject American Airlines when flying, in fact, resolve to reject frisking after being scanned by security. Its BS.” – Vivian S., Benton City, Washington

“Flew American Airlines first time this summer, never again. Worst experience ever from beginning to end.” – Carol P.

“Public should do their business on the floor of the bathroom to protest the lack of space” – Elaine L., San Pedro, California

“The reason I drive, not putting up with all their bu—sh–t. Plus get the country side.” – Beverly A.

“Boycott American Airlines!” – Joyce M.

“Not good, have to reconsider flying with American Airlines.” – Kathy M.

“Fly anything else and maybe they’ll wake up!” – Mary S.

“Probably not. Fly a different airline.” – Linda. N.

“Don’t fly with them” – Toni F.

“I do not go to the bathroom on the plane. I go right before I board!!” – Eileen M.

“I refuse to fly American Airlines anymore if other airlines are available and they usually are often cheaper” – Ron B.

“Don’t fly them anymore anyway, they lost my business years ago.” – Brian J.

“Greed!” – Mark T.

“Do not fly American Airlines. They have absolutely no respect for their customers. It is all about squeezing more passengers on the plane to make more money. Comfort and satisfaction for their passengers is not important to American Airlines. Fly the better Airlines.” – Ellen B.

“They have all gone to hell. Anyone here remember when flying was classy, when your steward people were the best” – Bonnie T., Denver, Colorado

“Just flew the Atlantic on American-now they want you to watch inflight entertainment on your own personal device-fine, but they are flying planes so old they have no means of charging a phone or pad or notebook. Like that’s going to work. Oh yeah, if you want to pay $5000 a head to fly up front you get USB ports. What a deal. Never flying AA internationally again if I can help it .” – Joe C.

“I won’t fly on American Airlines” – Marita B.

“Nothing more American than picking on the old, weak, or dying” – Joseph I.

“Boycott the American Airlines!” – Peter D., London, United Kingdom

“Lavatories?? American Airlines needs to take a closer look at itself.” – Frederick M.

“This will help. Do Not Fly American Airlines. Refuse to be that uncomfortable. When AA starts loosing passengers, hence profit, perhaps they will wise up and realize that customers matter.” – Ellen B.

“Less comfort for more money, huh? I hate flying anyway. Guess I’ll have another reason not to.” – Lynn M.

“Airline travel was not a comfortable ride before the adjustment to REMOVE MORE SPACE from the seating and bathroom areas. I suppose the ticket rates will go up to add to the discomfort to travel by air as well. Thanks A Bunch, American Airlines.” – Linda S.

“American Airlines, Greed at it’s best. Will never ever fly with them!” – Maura C.

“There is no room already, even for short skinny people!!” – Raquel P., Tumwater, Washington

“Never will fly American Airlines” – Doral G.

“Its already to small. Even the average person can’t be comfortable. Then the person sitting in front of you leans back. Right in your lap! I’ve had my tray down at times and they’ll lean back and knock things off. They look back like, oops. Anyone who flies should boycott AA for taking more leg room away.” – Diane L.

“Don’t fly American Airlines, boycott!” – Michael F., Clearlake, California

“No problem. Will never fly American Airlines, again. Poof.” – Jim G., Lahaina, Hawaii

“Yep don’t open the door too quick!” – Lanny B.

“I guess it it time to realize that the FAA really doesn’t consider the comfort of the paying passengers an important factor at all. These decision makers should fly across country in these small seats lacking adequate legroom and see what their thoughts are afterward. American Airlines is in business to make as much profit as possible and so they squeeze in more seats to make more profit. It isn’t about flying or the customer, it’s about making money.” – Ellen B.

“I’m 6’5”. I’d fly more often if it was less painful.” – Cincinnatus R.

“Isn’t this going to just make it that much harder to get out if the plane crashes?! Are they crazy!!! You feel like you are a sardine as it is.” – Leah G.

“I’m 6’3″ and gimped up pretty bad. Guess in addition to mountain climbing, bicycling, my flying days are done too!!” – Steven H.

“I won’t be flying AA! They were already tight before deciding to shrink some more!” – Judith D.

“Some airline will get it right when demand goes down.” – Mark B., Taylor, Michigan

“Don’t use their services. Why I don’t fly” – Robert G., Patoka, Illinois

“What’s a matter? Not enough fights on the planes???” – Paul S.

“Don’t care, quit flying” – Neal G., Sulphur Springs, Texas

“Have they been bought off???” – Sherry S., Ogden, Utah

“And we won’t fly American unless we just have no other options.” – Ron B., Fort Smith, Arkansas

“No American Airlines for this family” – Peter D., London, United Kingdom

“As your flight attendants remind us on every flight…we have choices.” – Joe C.

“We stopped using airlines 20 years ago. I feel bad for the folks that have no other options. Avoid, avoid, avoid.” – Joanne W.

“Take a Pay cut you Greedy SOB and you might make a profit..! How many Homes and Summer Homes have you got.?? I’m all for a good paycheck, but not at the expense of ripping off the consumer.. Your service sucks anyway.!!” – Norm S.

“Flying is so uncomfortable I’d rather drive the 8 hours to Sacramento rather than packed like sardines in a tin can.” – Barbara H.

“Sounds like American Airlines is heading for real trouble down the line — like out of existence like so many other Airlines in the past who tried the same thing under other names. I no longer fly, went 1300 mile one way driving which I had not done since the early 80’s. I found I enjoyed driving. I saw a lot of beautiful country ,even went fishing, a long forgotten pleasure.” – Ron Q.

“Don’t fly American Airlines!” – John A.

“Fine we will fly another airline. Bye!” – Carol S., Oak Lawn, Illinois

“American is my last resort airline. I find myself just driving rather than subjecting myself to the AA treatment these days. They were once my favorite airline.” – Joe C.

 “Seats look like a saddle! Not comfortable.!! Squished! Tight!! I will not fly with them!! Too claustophobic for me! And I’m a senior too! I fly Jet Blue!” – Rochelle C., Falls Village, Connecticut

“They have made it so uncomfortable I don’t fly anymore” – Connie R.,

“I hate AA their seats are so cramped and us senior citizens need to get up and walk around frequently and don’t forget about our bathroom needs ,,,, and United Air isn’t much better , these airlines are just too greedy “- Jack C.,

 “ I understand that AA has branding irons at the ready to ride the herd in these new cattle cars.”- Frederick M., Hampstead, North Carolina 

“I’ll not fly American…am tall, to dangerous for my knees.”- Leslie P., Mesa, Arizona

 “They are horrible, would never fly with them”- Molly J.

“And because the airlines have become a monopoly , the people have very little choose who there going to fly on.”- Tim P., Perry, Michigan

 “Horrible. What are seniors to do?”- Rosemary S.

 “ Why….so stupid. They are not making more, but losing business”- Bonnie T., Denver, Colorado

“We will not fly American. When we travel, we avoid that airline, even if alternatives cost more. Screw ’em.”- Chris D.

 “What next motorcycle seats that can hold 6-8 front to back? Don’t fly AA.”- Louis L., Bear, Delaware

“ I won’t be flying on their airplanes anymore. I’m done with them.” – Lindsey Bradley, Wasilla, Alaska

“Wow, that’s a seat on an airline ??? Looks more like a seat on a rollercoaster. Thanks for the warning.”- Marc C., Mariposa, California

“ I love the way the airlines say their priority is safety. Nobody is getting out of seats like these quickly — emergency or not.”- Janet F., Brooklyn, New York 

“Nest, they will bundle us up like burritos”- Martha L., Pinckney , Michigan

“Only in America! People get bigger seats get smaller. Great business thinking!”- Barbara M., Wexford, Pennsylvania

“Maybe we should all stop flying for awhile. I don’t think I will ever fly again.”- Nancy J., Ferndale, Michigan

“ American Airlines will continue to do what they need to do for a profit. Don’t fly AA.” – Kathy M., Tallahassee, Florida

“ Those look extremely uncomfortable. I mean, I am not going to fly with my head bent forward the e tire time. Geez”- Janice F.

“Boycott the bastard” – Bob S.

“No flying with them” – Doral G.

“American Airlines can always go out of business!” – Bryan H.

“We had horrible experiences traveling back from Maui on American. They kept us at the airport from 4 pm until 4:30 am. By the time we got a taxi to the hotel American reluctantly booked it was 5:30 am and we faced a long line for rooms. We finally got a room but, others behind us didn’t. We switched to Delta.” – Karen G.

“I am not flying with American Airlines” – Gray G.

“I would fly more frequently but at 6’5” it’s an ordeal and 1st class is too expensive.” – Cincinnatus R.

“Well, they won’t be making any money off me. Will not be flying with them ever again.” – Barbara K.

“I will never travel American Airlines again!” – Linda S.

“The only way to stop their stupidity is to change to the other airlines. Losing business may wake them up to fact that they’re dealing with people not cattle.” – Mark C., Manchester, New Hampshire

“I guess folks need to stop flying on American Airlines. They want to make it about profits? Hit them in the pocket book.” – Clarissa S.

“That’s fine I won’t fly with them! I could care less about their CEO making $12.3 million this year!!!” – Lanny B.

“We will not fly American Airlines again!” – Misty D.

“American airlines can bite my shiny metal @ss! I’ll never fly them unless I absolutely have to. I’d rather drive anywhere than fly. The last time I flew American Airlines was the worst flight ever and I don’t appreciate being treated as if I’m too much trouble for them. If they want my travel dollars, they need a change of attitude.” – Marjorie K.

“Guess we will not use your stupid airline then!” – Sandra M.

“If they make everybody stand they can get more people in too.” – Raul G., San Antonio, Texas

“I’ll never use American Airlines again” – Harry T., San Diego, California

“I promise to never fly American Airlines! Disgusting POS!” – Carol B.

“Consumers rule! Just don’t fly American Airlines—which is an awful airline in every way.” – Dawn W.

“And if you think that customer service doesn’t rule you are dumber than a post. All you have to offer is customer service and there are others who do the same thing as you who WILL take care of their customers. And your customers as well.” – Wesley A.

“Perfectly happy with JetBlue and Southwest. Both can actually be fun to fly on.” – Rick R., Hobe Sound, Florida

“And you won’t have me as a customer!” – Susanne G.

“Worst Airline to fly” – Teri H.

“The minute they show a profit, they give the CEO and the board a hefty raise and profit goes poof, and passengers are still sardine canned. Only thing missing is the olive oil! Come to think of it, they should issue it to the passengers. It’d make it easier to squeeze in and out of the seats.” – Delbert G.

“Then American Airline you won’t profit. Seniors travel a lot, we want to fit into seats, and want lower fares. American Airlines you are one of the most expensive to fly.” – Patricia G., San Tan Valley, Arizona

“Corporate Greed!” – Marty P.

“Fly Delta” – Ellen K., Sarasota, Florida

“Not flying American Airlines” – Fran M.

“No thank you” – Sylvia B.”

“Join the myriad of worthless BUSINESS! Last time I fly American Airlines!” – Sandy V., Colorado Springs, Colorado

“Don’t fly American Airlines, save yourself from the uncomfortable seats, the no leg room option, the narrow aisles, the phone booth like bathrooms, the poor service and lack of respect expressed by the CEO. Choose another airline, you will be happier.” – Ellen B.

“Simple solution: don’t fly American if you can help it.” – Lorraine P.

“The issue is to much management, upper management, that is, they add nothing but take a lot.” – Pat K.

“What? Corporate greed in the air? Stupid move American Airlines, now you’ll be getting a big drop in customers and zero profit….duh??” – Joanne R.

“Business as usual for American Airlines. I haven’t flown them in years. Always Southwest if possible. Not perfect, but by far the best.” – David W.

“Take your time, take the train” – Richard S.

“Might be just as comfortable to crawl into a box and have UPS deliver you.” – Joe C.

“That’s Bad when there own CEO Won’t Fly on there Airline that’s telling them Something” – Melissa M.

“Driving yourself is better” – Eileen M., Braintree, Massachusetts

“Thank the Lord I’m small!” – LeaVa E., Roseburg, Oregon

“it’s pitiful how miserable flying is now. I have Chronic Pain and took my last flight (of misery) 3 years ago. I’ve loved traveling, but i don’t want to be treated like an animal going to slaughter!” – Jules S.

“So greedy for money. Are we worst then cattle. So who are the crooks who okayed these planes.” – Martha R.

“Boycott American Airlines. The worst airline on record.” – Barbara K.

“Then how can they expect everyone else to fly in them?!!! Boycott the airline industry until they make the seating for adult humans….. not to mention the spread of illness and disease in these sardine cans, every time I fly, I get sick!!” – Leah G.

“Worst Idea in airline history! Who was the manufacturer, Boeing, Lockheed, or who??? People are already spending big bucks for a single seat that should cost half the price that it already does. You guys and gals need to go back to the drawing board and re-design the whole thing. There is a scrap yard out in the desert somewhere for this “new” design airplane.” – Linda S.

“I no longer fly” – Linda R.

“Do not fly American Airlines. The only thing they will understand is profit loss. I laughed when they said in the event of a rough landing assume the brace position, cannot bend over fully and have my head clear the seat in front of me.” – Ellen B.

“I don’t fly American. Now I’m never going to book one of their flights. Way too tight for comfort.” – Sylvia B.

“Makes me even happier that I rarely fly!” – Debra S., Austin, Texas

“Greed is a horrible epidemic! After being treated so badly last year we are staying closer to home. Won’t fly unless there is absolutely no other way!” – Lanny B.

argument on American Airlines
A flight attendant argues with an a passenger on a recent American Airlines flight

“Airlines continue to screw the public, cramped spaces no food, bad service, beating up passengers, no respect for their paying customers, I could go on but it is too sickening to go on. Keep screwing the public and people will no longer fly.” – Liz B., Danbury, Connecticut

“Stop flying altogether – use alternatives. The alternatives suck as well. Anyone else tired of all the wonderful things capitalism is bestowing on us?” – Vivian S., Benton City, Washington

“I see where this is going: pretty soon, no heads. Just concave plexiglass bubbles attached to the window seats on the last 2 rows. You’ll drop your duds, do your biz, then pull a lever and leave a personal signature in the stratosphere.” – Bruce D.

“Actually I see it as yet another attack on people who are “supersized.” Making the seats so small that an obese person had to use two seats, then charging them double… It’s discrimination against those who are not as tiny and petite as flight attendants are required to be.” – Clarissa S.

“I’ve seen bigger phone booths. I hope you can poop standing up!” – Charlie V.

“Guess they only want thin to average size passengers. Special needs persons are going to be out of luck.” – Glnny J

“Soon, we will have to wear depends on the plane.” – Tommie N.

“We all have choices. Do not fly American” – Vivian S., Benton City, Washington

“Can you leave the door open? For the men, just aim and shoot.” – Lessie S., Waco, Texas

“I suppose there will be a sign saying please remained seated while bowels are in motion.” – Jeffery G., Harlingen, Texas

“Simple solution: Fly on another airline. Duh!!!” – Janice S., Dunn, North Carolina

“There should be ADA laws and standards established that would prevent such small quarters. Two feet would be tight for any person. Who wants to sit by the bathroom if the door needs to be opened for a person or a parent with a child, to fit?” – Tamara O.

“I’m so tired of shrinking passenger accommodations. The seats are so bad you can’t move and an aisle seat is over the aisle so you are constantly bumped by anyone going by. It’s awful” – Marsha H., Springfield, Oregon

“If I fly it won’t be with American Airlines!” – Bryan H.

“Put one of your fat CEO on a plane like this !!” – Jim J.

“They were already shrunk” – Glenna M.

“Another reason not to fly” – June L.

“Why! Stupid!” – Cally S.

“How much smaller can they get???? I can’t even turn around” – Celia S., Chicago, Illinois

“Just another reason I don’t fly” – Richard D.

“I thought they already had tiny bathrooms!” – Pamela J., Stamping Ground, Kentucky

“Everyone needs to stop flying on that airline” – Dolores M., Junction City, Oregon

“Why fly with them at all? They won’t change till it hits them in the pocket book!” – Lanny B.

“Just don’t fly. Take an RV on vacation. They are going too far in their greed. No wonder there are all these air rage events.” – Maria B., Austin, Texas

“Well, fuck ’em. In my day (1970s), flying was still something to look forward to, even in steerage.” – Wanda S.

“24” wide bathrooms! What the heck do you do if you are wider – back in and hope for the best?” – Vivian S., Benton City, Washington

“Another reason to hate capitalism on steroids! Will not fly American Airlines again.” – Robert D., New Haven, Connecticut

“Discrimination against heavy people!” – Clarissa S.

“Are they offering to sell you a very expensive bed pan tray and/ or bottle now?” – Ross O.

“Soon you’ll only be able fly comfortably if you’re anorexic or bulimic.” – Mark C., Manchester, New Hampshire

“They were already tiny” – Linda U., Honolulu, Hawaii

“Next they will be handing out catheters” – Tom T.

“Why don’t they just make two kinds of planes one for skinny people . And one for larger people . They could pack enough skinny people on one plane to pay for the other one. I want to be comfortable when I fly. Not set with my arms folded across my chest and can’t move.” – Deborah A.

“Fly another airline, that cares about their patrons comfort and ability to go to the bathroom.” – Anne B.

“We don’t fly if we can help it. Airlines and flying sucks for the normal person.” – Maria B., Austin, Texas

“Don’t fly American Airlines or any other carrier that does this. If it costs them money, things will begin to change.” – Ellen B.

“High prices and tiny spaces. Cramped seating” – Dennis B.

“Sardine cans = Company greed! = Give less, charge more = Losing customers = Go bankrupt . . . . . . .eventually!” – Shelia S., Drexel Hill, Pennsylvania

“Such greed in our world today” – Dolores M., Junction City, Oregon

“I will never fly American Airlines!” – Kari F.

“Of course the doctor on the ground is going to follow airline procedure and recommend the plane continue on to its destination so that the doctor doesn’t lose their job by going against company policies rather than doing what should have been done medically and order the plane to land.” – Fenton H.

“I’m not flying in any of them.” – Barbara S.

“Boycott!” – Deborah U.,

“I flew American Airlines from Toledo, OH to Chicago then on to LA in Jan 2017. The jet that they brought into Toledo for the flight to Chicago had mechanical difficulties. We were supposed to leave in the morning. Instead of bringing in another plane, they made us wait for the afternoon flight, we got out at about 5:30 PM, making me miss all of my connections (I was going to New Zealand). I missed my connections in Chicago and LA and was forced to stay in LA for 3 days because of their screw up. I will absolutely NEVER fly American again. I don’t care if I have to drive from Toledo to Detroit or Cleveland, or Columbus or, even, Chicago to avoid them.” – Sandy A., Toledo, Ohio

“American Airlines Should be ashamed of themselves on this New Seating. They don’t give a damn about people with disabilities etc. Just fill the seats for Profit. The More People STOP Flying American and any other Airline that does this with the seats to where they are loosing business, they just may wake up. Or being taken to court and sued for the discomfort and pictures of the seating. Once these Airlines get enough Law Suits they May wake up and undo this disgusting seat spacing.” – Ralph V.

“Do not fly American Airlines if you want to be comfortable. Once a company looses all respect for its paying passengers, it is time to switch to another airline.” – Ellen B.

“Fly Delta, Not American Airlines” – Bill D.

“They all are cramming as many seats in as possible. There was a time when taking a flight was great. Now they are like cattle cars.” – Cindie G.

“Two less customers” – Lois H.

“I prefer the train. Lots of leg room, places to go to, it takes longer, but someone else is driving and I can nap.” – Anne P.

“Instead of sitting down they might get more room if everyone was laying down and stacked about 8 high all the way thru–except for a narrow aisle.” – Gary K.

“Bet they raised the prices at the same time…” – Mike B.

“Would work better to their ends if they’d just rack and stack the passengers.” – Delbert G.

“Been ten years. Another 10 is OK with me. I’m 6’5” 230 pounds. Long flights are hell.” – Cincinnatus R.

“Don’t fly American Airlines! When they start losing customers they’ll get the hint!” – Sylvia B.

“Have never flown American Airlines and never will” – Barbara K.

“Guess that’s the airline not to fly.” – Rita H.

“After my horrific experience in Jan 2017, I will NEVER fly America again.” – Sandy A, Toledo, Ohio

“That’s UN-American !!! We are not cattle !!! Fly Southwest !!!” – Sharon M.

“Everyone, if this is the way American Airlines feels about their customers, just choose another airline! Perhaps, they will wise up if the profits drop from lack of paying passengers.” – Ellen B.

“Didn’t they just get a tax break too?” – Jerry H.

“Pretty soon they won’t let you sit at all” – Joyce M., Beaufort, South Carolina

“All the major airlines are doing the same thing. Does anyone have a clue as to whom we should be talking about this?” – Barbara W.

““Greed over need” is the unspoken philosophy of American Airlines. However, there might be a lot more empty seats than occupied ones!” – Pat W.

“Only fly Southwest” – Claris W., Prineville, Oregon

“They continue to go down the tubes!!!” – Nick L

“US Air was much better in every way!” – Ilene P.

“What do you think folks? Maybe they could stagger the seats like in movie theaters. Or perhaps they could have you line up by height and weight and have certain sections for certain size parameters. Or maybe they could have climate controlled boxes where you lie down for the trip so they can stack them. Then perhaps they could charge extra if you needed a big box and less if you were small. It might be difficult for you to get up and go to the restroom. Perhaps they could required diapers. And that would get rid of the need to feed us salty snacks too.” – Frances D.

“Why? I don’t even want to fly now as it is!” – Robbie H.

“No!” – Ellen S., Honolulu, Hawaii

“America continues to become larger and the airlines design their seats smaller so you have to purchase two seats…stinks Airlines” – John H.

“They used to force overly plump people to buy two tickets, but they cannot do that now and they spill over onto your seat if you are sitting next to one and crowd you into a portion of the seat you paid for.” – Eugene B.

“I hate flying American Airlines now because I have bad back. Their seats are so uncomfortable as it is, please tell me how they intend to fit more people in. Are they going to charge double for people who can barely fit in their seats now? American Airlines, I hope you lose consumers by the millions.” – Ellen R.

“The smaller they make the seats, the larger the pool of people becomes that are ‘too big’ to fit in them. I won’t fly American.” – Susan G., The Villages, Florida

“Key word: American. Any lost in profit results in bail out” – Joseph I.

“If I can’t drive, I don’t go. Flying not what it use to be, don’t plan to fly ever again.” – Gloria W.